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  1. Hey I'm gonna be starting a website and I already have by vps, but I need some help and advice on what to make the website about.
    Please note I'm trying to make revenue with adsense and will be using tricks to give me traffic so the actual content doesn't have to be super good.

    If I blog what should I blog about everyday?

    Your input?
  2. If you don't have anything good to write about, don't write
  3. I second this. Unless you can come up with good content to start a website, I wouldn't even waste the money to host one. But good luck anyway if you decide to go through with it. Just remember that you are trying to fool Google. I know from experience they are very good at catching spoofs and false clicks when it comes to AdSense.
  4. It makes it a lot easier to write about something you're actually interested in.

    Try news for your hobbies whether it be games or a certain sport. Make it mj related.

    You've gotta have something unique or do something better than what someone else is doing if you want to make money on the Internet.
  5. Usually you make a website after you have an idea. And if any of us had a good idea, i doubt we would just give it to you so you can make money off it.... lol

    Step one of making a website: Have a fucking idea....
  6. He does have an idea.

    In fact, he's got an idea, design, and business plan all rolled into one.

    He's trying to fool Google and generate revenue using AdSense by standing up yet another pointless, bullshit (but somehow revenue-generating) website, as many others have done before him.

    And we wonder why our fucking economy is tanking when shit like this makes money...there ya go, why not blog about that...make a mockery of the very thing that makes you money...and watch how a blog mocking going viral, actually goes make you more money...and we fucking wonder why...

    (nevermind...we don't even wonder anymore. Four words for you. Honey Fucking Boo Boo.)

    OP, I probably don't even have to look to tell you to go search YouTube if this is truly your goal...I'm sure someone has created a how-to by now.

    Have fun. Oh and ah...don't bother to click us...we'll click you.

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