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Starting a Collective

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Galloman, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. I am really interested in starting a collective/co-op in socal. I am just trying to find info on starting one up. I know all about the laws and how to grow ect. Im just looking for what the costs are going to be. I understand its all non-profit but what money is needed to get started. And whats the first step to get started. I know that everyone one here is very smart and can really help me out. Thx for all the help.
  2. Well I don't really know what your financial situation is but, I would first get a partner who also knows how to grow and is also qualified in other aspects of the job, such as knowing a lot of people with their medical license and is good at selling buds. Its also good to know a few good growers and see how they can hook you. Get a variety of strains but not to much of any certain one. But you got to make sure you go top shelf dank ass nugs and your going to have to hook phat to get a stable client base. At this stage you may only be a delivery service but you hook phat and have the varieties of strains and edibles. You would also be delivering to your customers. As you build up a stronger clientel and feel you have sufficient funds to start renting out a spot start looking for a good spot in a *good location* ( do you rresearch). Then start telling your regulars about the collective you'll be opening up and how there will be more strains, more edibles, more money(for you). If you hook phat and got fire people will tell their friends about you service and people will more people were start hit you up. Remember to hire some hot budtenders as well. Then you should have a stable business.

    So : 1. Get hooked up with dank
    2. Get customers
    3. hook phat
    3. build savings to rent out a place
    4. Rent out place
    5. Sell bud
    6. smoke weed and get paid
  3. This is actually something I am seriously considering doing soon. I am looking at opening a legal grow op in Vermont as a legitamate way to earn money doing what I love. I'm a little ways off but I think 20k would be enough to get me started according to other similiar experiences. I would like to do it in a warehouse dirt grow with about 100-150 plants on a SOG cycle. The only problem is when the dispensaries decide to change strains, it would be like a two month time table to catch up, but I figure if can continually grow diverse and rare strains it would bring in about 40k a month
  4. Bad business plan. Nearly ALL the cannabis patients I know - are disabled, low income, or otherwise to poor to pay for medicine.


  5. I don't think it would be a bad plan. There is a market for it thats what keeps the dispenseries running. In vermont at least I would think people would fall into middle class to wealthy catagorie. I'm not trying to start a drug kingpin but to make an honest and legal living providing care.

    + The game changer will be when most insuraunce programs start copaying on medicinal mj like they do every other prescription drugs. I've heard quotes of Dispensaries pay 3k a pound for well grown indoor. Thats Nor Cal dispenseries but I could do with 2k a pound for a smaller market like Vermont.
  6. Insurance companies will NEVER pay co-pays for MMJ. I worked in the health insurance industry, that will NEVER happen.
  7. Yes, and even if legalized, I don't think they would ever- unless they could turn it into large profit machine...which they can't.
  8. They won't even cover acupuncture or chiropractory most of the time, they consider anything 'alternative' to be unprofitable.

    If you can't cut it open and sew it back up, or give a pill for it, the health insurance industry doesn't want anything to do with it.
  9. There's lawyers in our state that for a $5,000 retainer will train you and give you all the info you need. You might want to look that up.

    if you're serious, and want to become part of the movement, and are not in it for the profits.
  10. Ya the profits really arent that high, your'e really just in the business for enjoyment.
  11. I just think it would be a great way to make a living and I really like to grow!

    The reason I picked Vermont is its an East Coast state and thats probably where I'll stay as its where my and my wifes family are based.

    Thanks for the cool link I'll read through it.

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