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  1. I've been smoking and coming to this website for years and have read many books, articles, and grow journals. I've finally been able to start my own grow operation. I don't have all the money for the top quality nutrients and lights but i have a pretty good setup going for what I can afford. I'm about a month in and I have a couple questions that I haven't found answers to. First ?: What I once thought were the female organs ( pistols) close to the ends of the leafs towards the stems have turned into leave sprouts. I know this happens sometimes but were what i saw before the pistols? Because they looked just like the two female pistols and then I woke up the next day to find three leafed sprouts. Second ?: One plant is about 12 inches tall and growing rapidly. It's still in it's veg period but i don't want it to much taller. What can i do to stop its height growth but fatten it up a bit? I've heard trimming the tops can stunt it a little but not sure if that's the best way to go.
  2. I can't answer the first part because I have never seen that on my strains before. Usually you will have just 2 white parallel hairs growing upwards. As for slowing down the girls from stretching fimming them would be best. If she is already at 12" in height you need to push her into flowering. She is going to get at minimum 3x bigger. I started mine at 12" into flowering and today is day 14 and they are 20" tall.
  3. Sorry i haven't answered I've been trying to get a good picture of what i was talking about. I'm about to post them now
  4. [​IMG] This one has been in flowering for about a week now and has the most noticeable places where i can't tell whether its male or female. Help please?
  5. A week of flowering is probably getting close to the time you can identify the sex. The long things you are talking about that you thought were pistils might have been stipules?
  6. It looked a little like the female one but then turned into a leaf

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