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    Well I have never tried the dwarfs before this should be fun I'm waiting on them to germinate so this is my first of many posts I plan to add lots of pics and would love advice so don't be shy.

    my setup
    (125w cfl's for both blue and red but can use only one at a time.)
    (foxfarm soil)
    (food wise all foxfarm grow big,big bloom and tiger bloom)
    (powder additives beastie blooms, cha ching and open sesame)
    (small high output fan)
    (home made grow box)
    (jiffy cakes)

    detals on the seeds
    lowryder 2 x 3 seeds
    by joint doctor
    They are auto flowering dwarfs get about 16 inches tall with major budding.
    9 weeks from seed to weed and there fem seeds.

    P.s What should my lighting schedule be? I was thinking 20/4
  2. Ok here are the first pics
    pic 1 the package,pic 2 the germinating and third the seeds already in the jiffy cakes planted in my setup.

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  3. I would go with the 20/4 schedule. I'm growing autos in an AG right now and 20/4 seems to be working well! Check out my journal. They should be ready long before 9 months!!!
  4. go with 20/4 and with lowryders they go straight from seedling to flowering so it takes about two months until you will have fresh bud. i hope you have a good grow.
  5. yeah I'm going 20/4 on these bad boys there about to pop there heads out of the jiffys I'll post pics of the sprouts.
  6. Well they all sprouted on time and look healthy.

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