Starting 24-36 dark b4 12/12

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  1. I have 1 violator kush, 1 white berry, & 1 ak-48 @ 3 weeks veg. They are all about 12" tall and I just started the dark period this morn... Has anyone noticed a difference between 24 hrs & 36 hrs dark to induce flower? These are all femmed so I should be good on sexing, fingers crossed. What experience should I expect to have from this time on [flowering] with these strains? And finally, can I go all the way through the grow without a carbon filter? I am willing to spend a ton on ONA if necessary, just need to keep smell contained in a 8' X 4' closet..
  2. good looking out GC:mad:
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    Theres barely any difference between 24 hours and 30 hours which is what I usually stick to. The only difference is that the head of the plant will be more yellow giving them a bigger flowering shock! If you have more then 3 or 4 plants and are paranoid about your neighbour would be a good idea for the carbon filter!
  4. Thank you Dr.... The ona and a closed door are keeping things under check now, however my growbox is not airtight (using lighttraps). So lightproof but not airtight..... Afraid to put ona directly in box due to possible unwanted flavoring of buds??? Is that overboard or a legit concern? And would a carbon filter do any good if not airtight?
  5. you will need to get they light gaps taped up as if you have light lekage during 12/12 you will set the plants back in flowering and if it persists they may hermy!!
  6. I am light tight just not airtight! The lighttraps keep all light in & out but not airtight..... Air will flow in and out around walls of traps. Thinking may need a ona bucket??? Will that even work on ak's, whiteberry, and violator kush odors?
  7. i think that you will get half way through the flower period and realise you are going to need a carbon filter because three plants will smell alot!!!!i have 4 great white shark growing right now and i have to have the filter on allnight.
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    FUCK!!!!! How would I use a carbon filter with a non airtight box ??? Maybe a filter for most of the air combined with ona?
  9. a carbon scrubber that has enough cfm to create negative pressure on the grow area will be allright with air leaks as the air leaks will be sucking air into the grow area and not leak the smell out

    warning: air leaks can be anoying with the whistling they can do
  10. best way to explain negative pressure is take an empty milk jug and put a small hole in the bottom of the jug. now on the mouth of the jug suck hard. you notice the jug colapses? thats negative pressure. like a vacum
  11. I would still help to place one near the ceiling of your room.
  12. Basically ona & masking agents for the next couple of weeks then carbon filter .... Will a filter work in the growbox if it isn't connected to the exhaust but it cycling the air in the box (before exhaust) thru the filter then is drawn out by the CPU exhaust fans,...... Obviously some odor will leak but will it be too much for ona & maskers if most of the air is run through the filter first?

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