Starting 12/12 From 2nd Week Of Grow

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  1. I'm currently growingca weed plant and it's doing fine , but I wanted to know if I could 12/12 the plant in about 2 or possibly 3 weeks of growth and get buds early? or will it decrease the potentcy in my plants? please answer and thanks for all responses :)

    P.S : i'm new :)
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    wrong section.... this goes in 'absolute beginners' but..... can actually start with 12/12 of light but it's better to do what you say......i would only recommend waiting till week 3 or 4 and then switching to 12/12. It will jump start flowering and control excessive growth & smell
    [no direct effect to potency ~ just destroy any males to prevent seeds]

    p.s. ~ it's all good!!

  3. thanks man , my plant is hanging on the cup but still growingb, am i good ? . ?
  4. depends if this is a clone. 2 weeks from seed be lucky to get an 1/8 of smoke. and be way weeker than a fully mature plant.,2 or 3 weeks from clone is normal...average time
  5. the only negative thing it will do for you is possibly decrease yield, because the veg time give your plant time to grow large and create many budding sites before going into flower, you COULD flip to 12/12 to sex the plant, make sure its a female, and if so then flip it back to your 24 or your 18/6 whichever, and continue to put more time and effort into LSTing your plant for a higher yield, though this will all depend on your circumstances and the space you have for your plant because as a general rule, plants about double in size after flipping the lights
  6. and potency. you dont get full potency with no veg.
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    1 ~ if your plant is growing = it's all good

    2 ~ potency depends on a few factors.... a: genetics , b: proper environment including light frequencies, water quality, and an adequate dark cycle , c: proper care and feeding including no damage and a near~organic diet of what cannabis wants....and that incudes carbs, amino acids, plant extracts, hormones, vitamins, etc.


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