*-*Starting 100 M-39 need some questions answered!!

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  1. okk where to start

    Here is my plan and i will have pics up as soon as the wall is up.

    i want to have 3 rooms and doing 100 in each room this is what i am using and doing i am going to divide my room in to 3 parts like i said and the first one is going to have 6 430 watt for my bloom stage and i am going to put up a divider and have another 100 in veg under a 1000 watt nova and then i am going to divide it and have my 100 clones going under a 600 watt nova i also have a 6 inc in line fan with cole filter going in the bloom room..

    Now these are my questions

    -Am i going to need a filter in each room
    -Is it a good idea to have it set up like that
  2. i frogot to add the room size is about 10 ft wide and 40 -50 ft long .....its a perfect area i think:)
  3. whats your budget like? have you looked into grow tents? I like them cause they are easy to contain, easy to move if need be, venting (esp with filters) works great because the tents already have spots for fans & filters, and they zip up to contain the light too....
  4. am i going to be able to find one that is big enough to do 100 plus i have all the stuff to do it in rooms ....the funds are not a problem i can tell ya that
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    first thing's first, let me get the somewhat negative part of my post out of the way...homie, 300 plants = serious federal time, especially in a non-medical state. If you're in Moose-land, I guess you crazy ass canadians are going to do what you will if my past experiences are any indication. :p I have to assume you probably are since you're running 300 M39... ;)

    based on the fact that you're asking the questions you're asking, I have to ask - what's your experience level here? Personally...I wouldn't take on something like what you're describing and I have done a lot of 5kw+ rooms in my time. you gotta be absolutely sure that you are both aware of and ready to handle that sort of risk and responsibility...

    All that shit aside, I didn't catch a few things so fill me in:

    -What medium are you using?
    -Why 6x 430w HPS instead of 4 1kw or 6 600w? (The latter can be a lot more productive & efficient depending on the style of growing.) Hope ya got a few powerful AC's...
    -I have to assume either 4x8 e&f's or SOG given the plant numbers and the size of the rooms...hard to frame advice without some of this info though, please fill us in.

    To answer the questions you posed-

    Yes, you are going to need a scrubber in every room. Ventilation's going to be interesting with that many lights & rooms so I would assume you want to do a sealed system for each room? Either way you're going to want a standing floor carbon scrubber at least per rm..keep in mind I firmly believe in preventative measures where one can take them, and carbon scrubbers/ventilation should always be overkill for what is technically needed.

    I'll wait on the second one until I have more info.

    oh yeah, is this the real deal SSSC M-39 cut? Ever run it before? Would love to get some, classic strain for sure.

  6. okk i dont care about the time me and my partner all ready know the risks :cool:

    --the rooms are going to be completly sealed with fresh air in each room
    ---the lights and ballasts are going to be in a different area like a "elec room"
    along with the filters

    the reason i am useing the 6 430 is because i have the ballest and switch single soo it was a good deal when i bought them

    --- the room like i said is going to have walls not like taped off lol

    ---and my growing is not bad been at it now for 3 years but doing smaller soo i hope it works out well:)
  7. Fair nuff :wave:

    Not sure what you mean here - "complete sealed with fresh air in each room" - so are they sealed or are you using an active ventilation system?

    Also confused what you mean by "the lights and ballasts are gong to be in a different area like a "elec room" along with the filters" - if I'm understanding you correctly, I guess that answers my above question, but I don't quite get where you're trying to say the lights are.

    Cool man, best of luck, and as always - hope for the best but plan for the worst :p
  8. i am running a 24 bucket aeroponic system growing Purps and Cheese. last night i transferred my plants from the veg room into my flower room. in doing so, one of my Purps lost about 5 inches of the roots from the bottom. today she is totally wilted and seems to be dying :confused: i just got a bottle of Superthrive from a garden store.

    i was thinking of removing this plant from the system and bubbling it in a bucket with just water and Superthrive.

    is this a good idea?
    if so, how much Superthrive per gallon should i use?
    and how long should i leave her in there for?

  9. what i mean by sealed room is that everything is going to be sealed and i am going to have a fresh air hole and intake hole ....like i am putting white/black poly up on the wallas sealing and floor to reflect the light and to have a sealed room

    for the ballast i have them sepreate with the switch not in a steal box i am putting them on a steal great wih tthe grate grounded....... there is a room right on the other side of the wall like a storage room soo i am going to drill a hole in the wall and another one for my intake and the wire will run along the sealing to the hole in the wall and it will come out to the lil room and thats where i am going to have my ballast and filter so it does not heat up the rooms

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