Startin' my goodbyes!!!! :(

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by cowboysaxman, Jun 19, 2002.

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  1. Don\'t really know what to say, that I haven\'t already said in my \"prep\" posts for my leaving! :( :(

    I miss ya\'ll already!!! :(

    I NEVER dreamed when I first visited here that I would meet so many GREAT people. And would have never believed I would make such close friends, a lot of whom are like FAMILY!!! :D :D :wave:

    I\'m very proud that I now have friends all over the world, and am DAMN glad to have met ALL ya\'ll!!!!!!!!!

    SJ, thank you most of all, for creating this place of learning, and friendship It\'s become my second home!!!!

    I started this a few days early, as I know not all Bladies and Blades vist as much as I do. Fri. will more then likely be my last day with access to this computer, so I\'ll be much less of a pain in the ass round here!! LOL

    Hugs and Big Slobbery kisses to ALL, LOVE you and gonna MISS ya!! :(

    IN BEST \"ARNOLD\" VOICE: \"I\'ll be Back!!

    Gotta go, It\'s hard to type with blurry eyes!

    Peace, Love, Happiness, Luck, to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wave: :wave:
    (And of course, Big ol\' Buds,lol)
  2. You know we are all gonna miss you saxman !!!!
    i wish you the best of luck it has been a pleasure to know you!!

    All the best !!!!

  3. Hey cowboy!

    This realy comes as a shock to me, man I hate seeing you go :( . Fill me in, how long are you staying away from home? Let me know!

    Peace friend

  4. shit man I just saw this... now why didn\'t you pm ol switchey boy to tell me the bad news man... THAT SUCKS MORE THAN ANYTHING THAT HAS EVER SUCKED BEFORE. Sax man you are a true grasscity legend. Thank god we have other members like you- but that is not to say that you could be replaced, you are one of a kind man...
  5. i,... sir, shall save your seat.
    *throws a very large momma purse, into mr saxs\' chair. filled with chicken nuggets,french fries, pop,candy,... wait this aint the movies,*anyhow, those nuggets will start to stink after a day or two. it\'ll still work believe me.
    its been a pleasure, come on back when ya can now, ya hear?
    wishing you much happiness,peace and love also.
    peace brotha!
  6. Hey there, saxman!! Another chapter begins in your book of life....I hope it\'s the best one yet!! I know you\'ll be back soon to check up on all of us, and to fill us in on the details of the new \"gig\". Best of luck, I will miss you!!
  7. You will be missed...........I hope all goes well for you with yer family and new job. I bet you\'re really lookin\' forward to it. Your seat will definatly be saved (as long as I don\'t have to sit too close to highya!!!!! Girl-them nuggets are gonna be NASTY \'fore too long!!!). We love you all..........Good Luck!!!
  8. First of all lets get this nugget thing out of the way.

    There are NO nuggets on a chicken! They are made from chicken shit and stuff!

    Now thats outta the way!

    Cowboy no good bye\'s from me. When ya get ya ass back here I\'ll be here waiting with open arms and a big sloppy kiss ( for pooh gator). I hope the world opens up and lets you have a good\'un. Remember that we are all here waiting for your return. If ya get by this way, find a puter and let me know. I\'ll treat ya to some good grub and good company (unlike BPP) LOL!

    You know where to find us!!
  9. I wish you good luck as you embark on your next adventure in life.

    Be happy, healthy and high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. im still confused cowboy...where you goin? whats this new \"gig\"?
  11. Although I haven\'t been a citizen of the \"City\" for very long.... I will still miss your insightful postings, and you delicious humor.

    Good luck in your new path, and hurry back!

  12. Later \'Gator!!

    I hope the new job works out for you and Pooh!

    Holler back when you can!
  13. hmm.. i never knew you, but now i never will :(
    hate to see you go man, you seemed pretty cool


    ill go take some bonghits for you :D
  14. cowboysaxman !!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( nooooooo
    whyyyyyy god whyyyyyyyyy
    cooooooommmmmmmmmee baaaaccckkkkk
    oh, wait, you\'ll be coming back, right? well damnit hurry on back now, ya hear?? damn you! abandoner!!!

    sorry... *sniff* a little emotional here.... *gulp*
    all kidding aside... you will be missed here! :)
    hey i think i heard you mention somewhere you\'ll be back up & running when you get a new computer? our motherboard fried & we had to get a new computer, and we got it way faster than we thought... go to best buy & apply for a best buy card, no payments for 6 months! sure the interest gets tagged on after that, but it sure beats dropping a grand (or less, or more) right off the bat, and it\'ll be easy to pay off within those 6 months of no interest. just a thought ~ or you could always.... DUDE get a DELL! j/k but really, i hope you get your puter superfast, because i just got back and now you\'re leaving, and i miss cowboyposts already!

    good luck and best of wishes cowboysaxman we\'ll miss ya tons and hope to hear from you often! if all else fails e-mail me when ya get a chance and don\'t forget us @ the city! my best wishes are out for you and your family, the good karma\'s makin a round comin\' your way my friend and it\'s well deserved and about DAMN TIME!! LOL ~
    ganjadork & phishnerd :D
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