starter leaves are turning yellow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by breathe, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. starter leaves are turning yellow can sum1 tell me y this is happening and the steps i must take 2 fix it

    thankz in advance
  2. My guess is they are wanting to be fed. How old are they and Approx. how tall? Have you fed yet? How many leaf sets (nodes) are there. Also, if they are a few weeks old they need to be transplanted out of those peat pots. More info necessary from you though.
  3. ok they r 1 week old i planted 6 plants 4 stood straight up and 2 stayed hunched over
    they stood straight up 2 day after i changed from the bullshit mg soil i was using to soil i bought from my plant store he said it was a special mix i think he knew wat i wanted it 4 lol any way they still hav the lil leaves they pop out the seed with plus 2 new leafs i here is a pic of the plant this is a pic i took 2 days ago so it dont show the yellow spots
  4. Nope, too soon for fertilizing. Glad you got out of the Miricle Grow. He didn't give you different soil with nutes in it did he? Check the bag of soil you just bought and verify for me that there are no added nutrients. Second, I think those peat pots are going to have to go soon. Transplant soon into something bigger that is made out of plastic or clay; peat pots are not great. Good luck.
  5. ok thanks 4 advice
    i was not going 2 keep in peatpot they was only used 4 germanition as far as whats in the dirt the man in the store said it is 2-2-2 there is no lable on dirt he took it from a bigger bag i hav to call to find out exactly in his mix also today when i checked plant it looked like yellow spots r healing i will take pic later 2 show u

    ill get back with that info 2day after work bout 1pm
  6. hi mate my two lower sets of leaves turned yellow. i had a soil problem so i repotted and now it is fine. good luck
  7. Yeah.
    2-2-2 still has nutes in it that are not good for seedlings. Next time get some organic potting soil. This should be free of nutrients by definition.

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