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  1.  for a bong that will not fuck my throat up to much compared to smoking blunts joints all the time, would also like it to be compact/small/smallish, having the option of an attachable part which is for dabs would be great also but don't mind purchasing that  as a separate piece if its going to cost an arm and a leg to have all the features above in 1 package, thanks in advance guys, i am a total noob when it comes to bongs ha ha, i tried vaporizing and did not like it at all so ima try a bong instead 

  2. The problem with having the same piece for flower and oil is that you lose out on one of them.

    Flower pieces have to much diffusion for oil and oil pieces usually don't offer much diffusion.

    For flower, you want something with a little more diffusion to help cool the smoke and eliminate the harshness

    With oil on the other hand, it's the opposite, you want a rig with as little diffusion and the mouth price to be as close as possible.

    Get a roor or something of the like if you can afford it.

    Idk too much about flower pieces since I've never bought a bong for herb.

    First purchased water pipe was for oil

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  3. I would checkout your lhs and see what they have.  Like others have said a piece for both isn't ideal, although it can work fine.  Just bought a $60 piece that can be used for both...not great for oil but certainly not bad either.  Definitely clean before switching.
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    My bio, which was $70, works better for both imo.
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