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  1. My T-Break today.
    It is my first one ever, and im going for a month to get a job and to save some cash.

    So far so good I turned down weed three times today.
  2. Good job, sounds like your already ahead of the game, day 1 and 2 are usually the hardest people say.
  3. yea dude its even harder when every single one of your friends smoke every day.
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    What really sucks (or at least what i expirenced) is how long the withdrawl symptoms call last.It all depends how much you smoked before you quit though.But i can agree that day 1 and day 2 are the hardest to get by.
  5. yea ive been smoking almost everyday for the last 2 in a half years.

    the days feel like they go by so slow.

    i might have to just smoke .
    and im so glad its just weed and not crack or something like that or i would be killing people right now.

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