started to grow a plant on the window ledge

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by johnc86, May 23, 2006.

  1. Right i bought weed about a month ago which had in it a few seeds (althought the weed was fine).

    I put one in a smallish pot with some compost and it has grown. Its about three weeks old.
    It is in my conservatory which gets the sun all day.
    Its already about 20 cm tall and has a few big leaves and smaller ones underneath. The stalk is still verry thin though and it is held up with a small stick.

    Will it keep on growing in these conditions? Should I repot it into a bigger container? Should it be fed? Is there a good chance it will be female if the seed come from comercial grade weed?

  2. well you posted 2 threads but it was a accident right? haha well your gunna wanaa take it outta ur winfow seal firast man
  3. erm...well its not in my window its in a pot on the window sill. surely it will be alright there? Maybee it can go outside when its a little bigger?
  4. hi there if you want to grow it inside then im afraid the windowsill isnt gunna do and u'll need to get some lights and theres lots of info about what type will work best for u, but fornow just get a small fan on it or leave it outside in its pot if the weather is nice. as for growing it outside u'll have to be carefull and make sure no one can see it.
    as for nutes only give it a quarter of the recommended dose on the label
    good luck mate and maybe post a few pics:wave:
  5. cheers for that mate. so its the heat of the conservaatory thats the problem yeah?

    Il bear that im mind. It looks healthy enough right now. Obviously i understand anout grow lights and the various stages etc, i just want to see if it will grow the way nature intended with the sun. I think a warm summer is on the cards so maybee I will put it outside.

    Some pics on the way/
  6. hi again mate the heat is prob fine its just u said about it looking a little weak and if you get a nice breeze outside or froma fan this will help strengthen the stem but if you got a nice summer coming then yeah go for it and chuck it out side but ive never done this and wouldnt really know how u go about it. it,l b on the forum somewhere tho
    looking forward to them pics

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