Started new job, Your job??

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  1. Started a new job lol within a few days i showed a girl I work with a picture of me and a few friends and she noticed we where all high as shit. Anyway turns out she smokes and so does all her friend in copious amounts now I can it dirt cheap of one of her friends.

    Thought this was seriously cool and have decided I shall keep this job lol anyway whats your job like in terms of tolerance of smoking. I work in an office so you can go out and smoke and no one would really notice However im not sure its accepted?
  2. I'm a dishwasher at a retirement home, we always talking about lighting it up, its a very 420 friendly workplace.
  3. Stones friendly.
  4. I'm a vagabond
  5. lifeguard

    get blazed and save bitches
  6. Pet peeve: people putting random lol's in sentences.
  7. Shit i didnt even notice LOL, its annoying i do it all the time used to be a proper grammar nazi loloololl
  8. i work in a candy store an ive shared a joint with the boss haha its cool cuz hes my good friends dad haha and i have a fuck buddy whos the cashier at the place so sometimes we close early an she sucks my pp shlong haha
  9. I'm a dishwasher at a restaurant, the other dishwasher came in high as shit the other day. Also found out more than half the workers smoke bud. :bongin:
  10. What job can I get that doesn't DT?

    I've never had a job before but now that I'm 18 I feel like I should start acclimating myself to the real world and saving up money for the future, but I need a job that doesn't drug test.
  11. I used to vape at my old hospital security job

    Now this new site is too high profile, but I get paid double for less work. Only problem is I have to do it sober
  12. i work at chick fil a, whenever i close with my boss we always toke 95% of the people i work with smoke, so im always smoking with someone i work with lol

    If youre ever buying food at chick fil a, chances are the person serving you is stoned.
  13. that sounds awesome man..i just started a job at a factory, most of the guys there are like 40-50 year old blue collar guys, some of them definitely blaze(d) though.

    there is this one guy i talk to at break sometimes that everyone calls 'speedy', he's like 50-60 but he has long hair and says 'man' constantly and has this hilarious laugh lol.

    there is also this dude that drives a forklift around all day, i've never talked to him but he's also like 50 but has long hair, scraggly beard, wears a bandana around his head..and i'm pretty sure on his pants was a picture of an unmentionable lol, i had to do a double take at it. pretty sure he has done some other less savory drugs too though.

    And lastly the guy that's training me said he used to make a living as a musician back in the late 70's-80's, he's been friends with that speedy guy for decades and some of his other friends have made a few jokes about him doing drugs haha. he also looks like he could be of dutch heritage and he's the chillest dude ever, if he doesn't blaze now then he definitely used to.
  14. I wash golf clubs and basically keep the course running doing various tasks with the carts and driving ranges. Get to keep all the tips and make $5 an hour on top of it. Usually comes out between $15-$20 an hour but I've made $200+ in tips several times in a single shift haha
  15. I build carbon fiber boats, so I don't smoke before or during work. I would probably end up fucking some fab stuff up. I enjoy bowls afterwards though!
  16. [quote name='"Wavelength"']What job can I get that doesn't DT?

    I've never had a job before but now that I'm 18 I feel like I should start acclimating myself to the real world and saving up money for the future, but I need a job that doesn't drug test.[/quote]

    Dude same thing here.. I just took my drug screen for an electrical job and I just went to the smoke shop and bought a $10 detox drink that last 5 hours and u drink it 30 mins before the test and u clear.. my brother has used it twice and passed both times and once he chugged it and then went right in because he cut the wrong wire and got shocked pretty bad lol
  17. I fuckin clean movie theaters. I'm only 18 though and it's a bad ass job kind of
  18. i work at cold stone at the moment, and half of the people are stoners and the others are cool with it. (its mostly girls working their though and they dont really smoke often... the guys are stoners lol)

    i show up to work high all the time, but i dont even waste the bud on weekend shifts because its so much shit to do im sober after 10 minutes lol. it just slows me down, id rather get high after work with some snacks and shit.
  19. I lifeguard aswell down at the main beach, seriously is one of the best jobs love spending all day in the sun and surf.

    I've recently taken up a job at an amusement park as a life guard and ride attendent not sure what there policies are on smoking etc, last week got me alittle concerned whether they do drug tests or not, but i don't start till next month anyway.
  20. Start my new job in 8 hours. Time for some sleep ehh

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