Started my stealth grow box

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  1. Ok been working getting this stealth box up an going.

    Decided I would share my progress

    I painted and installed lights with a Thermamitor / Humidity.

    The lights are 8 27 watt CFL daylight. I purchased 12 total.

    I already purchased a LIGHTS OF AMERICA WHITE SECURITY LIGHT WITH PHOTOEYE 65 watt and am waiting for that in the mail.

    I kinda figures I have enough lights to start out.

    I will be using bag seed and planting in soil. Starting out with four and will hope for at least 2 females.

    I already drilled a hole on top and floor for ventilation and will be using pc fan on top hole.

    I will be installing charcoal filter later.

    Anyway just wanted to share. Tell me what you think
  2. your cabinet lacks height so you will have to plan out the grow well

    you can't afford any stretching, so keep your light levels right, and start training right away

    looks good otherwise

    maybe try working off of a sexed clone that was FIMed, better branching this way


    or do that FIM like on the 4th node
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you use 6500k daylight cfl's for veg? Not start out with 2700k?
  4. you are right, 6500k is much better, or at least 5000k the kelvin is too low
  5. I am using daylight 6500K which is for veg
  6. Nice little cab you have there :)

    As the others have said, you'll be needing to do some hardcore training. Keep 'em low.

    What are your temps like with nothing in the cab and lights on?
  7. The temp without lights on are about 70
  8. you should make some reflective hood for your lights. just to besure all the light is directed to your babies.
    try LST your girls or even SCROG since you have height issues...
    have you selected your nutes yet?
    type of water? ie distilled, tap, well water. are you gonna airate your water? it helps..
    just some other shit to think about ;)
    im sure what you have will work but theres always room for improvment.
    good luck........
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    Good Start!

    But this space with only 8 lights is not gonna be enough for 4 plants.... honestly unless you are doing dwarves in there this is prolly a waste of time because the plants are gonna be stressed from lack of light...

    and when you have streched, small seedlings this means the plants will not do as well as they could later in life!

    My space that im growing in now is smaller.... but i have pushed it to the limit because i have the perfect amount of room for 2 plants in 2 gallon pots(i am using 8 cfls(both spectrums...soft white and daylight).... and even if your are gonna lst you will need 5 gal pots or the plant is gonna get root bound about week 6.

    and for the fan make sure it is rated at 75 cfm or higher or you will not get the proper ventilation in this space...

    Other then that looks good this would be a pertfect space if you got auto flowering dwarf seeds.... mine cost 80 bucks but they were brand new to the market.... so going with lowryder #2 or something that has been out for a while will prolly be cheaper... then you wont have to worry about the light cycle...

    as for the ventilation for 16 cfls.... and its only 16 cfls if you decide to go with the lower watt it will proboably be cheaper to go to lowes and get 4 100 watt bulbs! it will be cheaper and more heat efficient..... i would use two or maybe even 3 fans rated at 75 cfm each..... the reason being is that remember you have to keep those babies about 70-85.... no higher and you have to keep the lights at least 6 inches away.... (mine are 4 inches away from my plants)... this mean that once the heat hits the top of the cab you dont want it to idle you want there air to be moved as soon as possible... or basically you have an oven.... this is what happened my first time around with the temps reaching about 100 degrees!

    Hopes this helps!

    Good luck!

  10. Thank you so much for the advice. I really will take it into consideration.

    I plan within a week to use 2 LIGHTS OF AMERICA WHITE SECURITY LIGHT WITH PHOTOEYE 65 watt

    This I know will step up the lumens. I will probably then mount the remaining cfls on the walls for more lumens.

    My setup now is so I can get started. I definately plan to LST early.

    Thank u again for all the advice. It is much appreciated
  11. No problem man glad to help!

    I will stay tuned to this one

  12. Just wanted to post an update.

    After planting seeds today I noticed that the temps were way too high.

    Very quickly I installed a PC fan on my exhaust hole up top.

    Here are some pics
  13. looks like better light levels now, don't burn your house down!!! :- ) Good luck and enjoy the smoke later.
  14. If you run a 24/0 light schedule from sprout with the CFL's 3 inches or closer to the plant, youll be able to keep it reallll low and bushy. Thats the setup/ time schedule I'm running and my plant is a freakin bushy monster lol. check it in the link in my sig

    good luck with the grow man.. my box is a little bigger than that, but I only have 1 plant going.. its at 11 days
  15. Ok finally got the lights in and decided to modify my stealth box

    2 65 watt 6500k plus 4 27 watt cfl

    added another fan for ventilation

    Rerouted wires so they weren't on the floor

    tell me what ya think

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