Started my first grow. Need insight.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mabe92, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Ok guys, thanks to this great website I think I have compiled enough information to complete a successful first grow.

    I will be using 6 CFL's at all times, 4 75 watt 6500k and 2 100 watt 2700k for vegon a 18/6 schedule. For flowering, I will use 4 of the 2700k and 2 6500k bulbs, on a 12/12 schedule. I will keep the lights about 4" from the plants at all times, and plan on LST'ing them as well due to my limited space. I also plan on growing 2 at a time for now.

    I started them in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I have a quart of the grow big liquid nutrient, and would like to pick up the other 2 in the trio (Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom) and follow the schedule they have on their website.

    If I can get any success out of this first attempt, I will upgrade my lighting. I would like to pick up a 150watt HPS lamp, which I read to be optimal for my spacing (2' x 2'), 3' tall.

    For ventilation I planned on using 2 100 CFM computer fans, but for now I have a passive intake and a window fan hooked up with 2 3 3/4" holes in my exhaust panel. I do however have light leakage due to this ghetto rig, but I figure it should work for now.

    Anyways, from what I have listed here, is there anything else I should know?
  2. bump anyone
  3. put up pics of your set up you will get alot more feedback and it will be better feedback than you would get without pics. what kind of seeds are you using. and dont use nutes for at least the first 2 or 3 weeks. i would wait a month if they are growing slowly
  4. There. How does this look?

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  5. BUMP does this look growable?
  6. If its 3 feet tall why are the top of the pots so close to the lights. There is no where for them to grow.
  7. i got shit stacked under my pots to keep plants close to light

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