Started my first grow, need few question answered

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by StickyMicky, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Okay so I just got done germinating my first seeds (bag seeds) 6/6 using the paper towel method so I'm happy I move the seeds (tap root pointing downwards) into some short bio pots with generic top soil (not doing anything fancy with the nurts, since it's my first grow) I'm waiting for them to break thru the soil I'm guessing around 3-5 days since I just cover the tops and slightly pack it, okay now here are my questions and I would really appreciate if you guys could link me to sticky or threads. :D

    - I want to keep these plants on the smaller side of sizes, are their any tecques like LST, root bounding, ...etc to control size

    - Planting near ponds?

    - I need help understanding the plants cycle (flowering, veg,...)

    I am going to start a grow journal, thank you for anyone who helps. :smoke:
  2. LST is ur best bet for keeping plants short and bushy. The plant cycle has a veg period which requires long light cycles and plenty on nitrogen. The flower stage requires 12 and less hours to cause the plant to flower. U will need less nitrogen and more P and K.

  3. Thank you, are their any good threads you recommend regarding LST, sorry I'm on my android while camping so my browsing ability are cut by half, but thank you again I been planing this a while but some thing remain a little unclear

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