Started Budding. Need Your Opinion On SEX Of Plants (With Pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by redruss, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Started budding about a week ago.
    the babys are now on 12/12.

    they look female but please give me your opinions. :rolleyes:

    PS... click the first pic and tell me what you think ?

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  2. They are stretched :) Get us some more photos like the FIRST one at some different angles and I bet it could be sexed.
  3. first pic is female. other shots are too far away

  4. really? I cant even see a calyx in that shot, just wondering how youre managing to determine sex?

    unable to tell from these pics in my opinion
  5. looks female to me, do some lst next time
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    here i prepared a pic detailing how you can tell


    as you can see(barely pics are out of focus) there are white hairs showing from teardrop shaped formation off of the main stalk. the teardrops are early calyx's and the hairs coming out of them will only ever appear on a fem. males will have a reverse teardrop forimg in the beggining which later multiplies into many reverse teardrops which are the pollen sacs. these are quite distiguishable as early on they look somewhat like miniature nugs but once they start to grow out further look nothing like a fem's buds

    hope this helps clarify:smoke:

    EDIT: try using macro mode when taking close up that you want people to identify
  7. Wow, thats quite the stem your growing there.
  8. Yup, congrats you have a female:)
  9. I thought this to when I looked, Im guessing that your light is fixed and your plants have stretched to reach it. Does that sound right?
  10. the plant was streched in early stages but issue has long been fixed.
    if you guys clivk my journal link below you see evey picture i taken from seed birth.

    im glad to hear they are females. i soon will be high :D
  11. 100% female!

  12. LEGGY!!!

    HAHA, reminds me of my first grow outdoors. It was my one and only seed that took and it was male.... Had to kill it.... Can you adjust your light for your next batch?

    Keep it anywhere from 1ft - 18inches if you can. As long as you don't burn the leaves.

    Stretching for light leaves bigger plants with lesser yeild in most cases.
  13. FEMALES NICE !! :hello:
  14. Congrats you have a female :D

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