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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wolfbane, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. I always had the same dream at the time was the neighbors kid. Now hes my step dad. Anywa . I'd try to keep him out of this room holding a glass door shut. He throws a bag at it and. The its alive baby crashes threw and starts ripping out my neck as I fall I wake up. I had that damn thing like 20 times. Its alive was a killer baby with big claws and big ass teeth. Have a great nite all. Btw. Yes my mother robbed the cradle. L. More power to her. Ps I love these topics. I tell my wife some of these things she thinks I'm crazy. Nice to get it ou . Lol
  2. Wasnt looking for awards. Just nice. To vent my crazy dream. L. Have a great day. Time to pick things up and put them down.
  3. Hmm sounds like the dream i had where a german shepherd ran at me and i pulled a blanket over me and i could still see it then i closed my eyes and i could still see it then i woke up just as it attacked me.

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