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start up cost?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by farmkid, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Hey, I was thinking about growing some marijuana this summer or some time soon. But I'm wondering how much does it cost to start up growing indoors. I'm only thinking about growing a few plants like 3 or 4. So how much would it cost to start up with four plants and how much is this going to effect my electrical bill.:confused:

  2. Get yourself a 400w HPS setup, and a 400w MH conversion bulb(around $200).

    This combo of light will allow you to VEG and FLOWER.

    Then spend about $50 on some good nutes.

    And depending on the room your in you might need some exhaust setup. So another $100 on proper fans.

    Thats a basic setup. You could spend less w/ CFL's.

    As far as electric bill, for that amount of plants, you might notice a difference, but not that much. Maybe $10-20.
  3. I invested around 2,000 dollars in my first go about this ordeal, I plan to spend about 3,500 before my first harvest even.
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    Go with a 1000 watt hps for flower and a 1000 mh for veg if u can... 3 x better
    The price is not the different between the 400 or the 1000..
    power will run u around 25 per light per month
  5. What if you don"t have big money to spend on a set up? what about using fluorescent lights and other basic stuff to do a set up?
  6. Light, Air and water is all they need... so that would work.. but its going to be like a slow slow death.. light is the key to big buds
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    Dude dont let these people talk you into buying things you dont need...

    I spent under 1000 bucks total on everything

    Which included My
    Growing medium
    Ventilation Intake/Outtake
    Fluorescent Lights for Vegg
    400 watt HPS for flowering

    And with my setup i can vegg six plants and Flower six plants....

    So you want to grow 3-4 plants well i can give you a guesstimate as to how much everything will cost

    To cut down on ur cost u can purchase a HPS/MH all in one system so you dont have to buy 2 setups...use MH bulb for vegg then swap it out for a HPS for flower

    One of those will cost you $159.99 400 watt HPS/ MH

    Then for clones and mother plants,all you need is simple fluorescents to keep your mothers happy and grow your clones.. those will cost you $70.00 Fluorescent Lights

    And for fans you can use desk fans to help move air...Unfortunately Can fans or squirrel cage fans are needed if you decide to use a carbon coal filter..Or if to much heat is present in your grow room

    Pots and containers are cheap and so is dirt..so you might need a good 500 bucks to get urself started...Just remember you can always upgrade in the future no need to worry about not having every (Do dad) and (gizmo) you hear about

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