start to finish 8 weeks??

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  1. Just been chatting with a fellow grower that lives near me and he said he's heard a rumour that someone or some people have found a away to grow the herb start to finish (cut down) in 8 weeks anyone heard this?? :smoke:
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  3. topman Tihspeed :)
  4. yep the 60day wonder dos take 60days from seed iv grew a few of them in the past and its not a bad smoke and the yield was 1 n 3/4 oz of one plant witch is not to bad for 60days
  5. is that what it was when dry johneym1?? and what sort of height to u get? is this the kind of thing u wud do plenty of? i mean like i have a 1.2x1.2x2.m grow tent, how many would u recommend in there? thanks again for any advice
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    I recommend Easy Ryder from the joint doctor (got my seeds from attitude though), way larger yield than the 60 day wonder. I just grew one out and was impressed the whole grow. Check out my grow journal in my signature block, I'm sure you'll be impressed as well.

    Edit: But if yield doesn't matter and you just want a quick growing smoke, then go with the 60 day wonder.
  7. just had another chat and he reckons it was 8 weeks from a clone not a dna 60 day wonder

  8. That's a whole other subject then.

    Yes, you can start with a clone and start flowering immediately to finish in 8 weeks. Most strains have a flowering time 8-11 weeks (some sativas take way longer)
  9. ok its all becoming a little more clear now, i must need a joint haha, but seriously i think im getting it, so basically if u get a good rooted clone and put that straight under HPS light on 12/12 then its gunna take about 60 days but obviously the yield will be alot smaller but in a tent my size i could maybe do like 30 which should return quite a good yield. Am i wright? half wright or completely wrong and again thanks for th responses so far

  10. It could take longer than 60 days. Flowering time is strain dependent.

    If you have an 8 week strain then it will be done in 8 weeks. If you have a sativa dominant strain (Super Lemon Haze for example), it could take up to 11 weeks to finish.

    Strain also plays a part in a how big the plant will get as well as pot size. 30 might be a bit much if you're working in a small tent. No offense but your questions require too much explanation, you're better off reading the stickies and absorbing some of the basic knowledge up first.
  11. cheers i will do that but thanx for the info already given
  12. that was dry weight and no twigs or stalks..
    the plant was not far off 2ft tall and i would not grow loads of them because i like growing all different kinds of strains their is only a few autos that i have grown twice over.
    and in a 1m x 1m x2m tent i grow up to 9 plants but they are all different ages so the tent is never full up to the top like it would be if you had all 9 plants at the same age. also it depends wat strain your growing because some are bigger strains than others and some are smaller strains than others i hope this helps brov

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