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Start smoking weed again?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LilBoat, Aug 27, 2017.


Is it Possible for ME to smoke weed without being addicted again ?

  1. Definetly! if you are patient enough

  2. No, your addiction is never going to be cured

  1. (sorry for my bad english im from Germany)
    Its been 2 months since i had a sesh where ive been really high (i just took a hit from a blunt 1 month ago but didnt really felt sth). My main Problem is that i smoked it every day every free minute because it was giving me a feeling that i had no Problems but i quit because Police arrested me we have very strict laws here so i thought about stopping weed and i did!. but now i have a feeling of emptyness i dream about smoking weed again , it think of smoking weed again every day when some of my old sesh friends say that they are smoking:passtheshit:.Weed just made me very happy for 3 years every single day. I am a very addictive Person, one year ago i was an Alcoholic for 6 months and only because i drank alone when trying to stop weed! :bang:

    Now without weed i often suffer from anxiety and have i do have Depression but i really dont know if weed triggerd my Depression and anxiety or if i just keep it back from showing off

    now i want to ask is it possible (for an addictive Person like me) to start smoking weed on weekends sometimes beacuse i have a Job and have stuff to do but i just want to feel High again i almost dont now how it feels to bee high:wacko:

  2. If you say you are a very "addictive" person, you better stay away from drugs, that's it.

    If you still want to keep on smoking, do it at home where the police can't see you.

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  3. Living in fear is unhealthy. Smoke weed every day.
  4. So do you think smoking again makes my anxiety better or even worse over time ?
  5. I can't think for you, blade. In general I would say denial is the worst option so embrace your life as you choose.
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  6. Anything can get the right person addicted. Hell I went through really minor withdraws off bud because my body was adjusted to the routine. I really only had minor stomach uncomfort from not having the apetite I had when I smoked or ingested the devils lettuce. I was alcoholic for a while then started to smoke again and couldnt sip a beer without being disgusted for some reason. Everybody enjoys a different buzz more than others. Aside from the high I get from working out really hard weed is the safest thing you can get high on.
  7. Also sounds like you have been to rehab judging by your choice words and if so im not judging. I have been there myself. I personally dont believe with the mindset of a addict that I could go back and do a certain substance that had me in love even in a responsible way because of tolerance and costs blah blah. I do however still smoke or throw down some brews when I run out of green but ONLY when I have got off of work and have all of the money I absolutely need set aside from my fun money. Responsibility is key.
  8. You can't actually become "addicted" to weed. Not in a physical sense anyway. Weed addiction is poor self-control. I used to be a daily smoker and then I quit for years. Now I smoke whenever I feel like it. On vacation, it might be everyday. If I'm working, I might only smoke once every week or two.

    Asking this question is like asking if you can eat bacon again after you got lazy and put too much weight on..... Self-control can be obtained with the right mindset.
  9. here in the states we just call it it medicine......which sounds like it helps you with Depression and anxiety.
    weed helps a lot of ppl with many different issues and doesn't always means getting baked or stoned also helps with boredom or being alone your less depressed when smoking out with friends .......
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  10. Helps me with everything, so I do not have to rely on the many pharmaceutical's prescribed to me for all my conditions so yeah I'm dependent on it, but addicted? well.....
  11. Me too. Amazing how they'll just hand out the pharmaceuticals no problem, but then when you want to stop you're fucked. If they'd been able to prescribe cannabis years ago, I'd be in a much better position today. So, along with everything else, cannabis is greatly aiding the weaning process. Miraculously almost.

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