start of week 9 flower tomorrow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by clifton420, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. 56 days today. started a flush on them a few days ago. they are 8 to 10 week strains and most the trichs are cloudy. got some flawless finish for free from amazon so gonna try it. bought some bud candy but its probably too late for that but this is my first grow lol 20170707_151327.jpg 20170707_151337.jpg 20170707_151331.jpg
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  2. sorry dude. reported for advertising. my lightbl is better than what you will sell, o just wanted to show off some buds and get honest feedback
  3. I'd say from the looks of it you've had some great success for your first run. Looks like some big beautiful buds!
  4. thanks. i had 3 plants in there but had an issues with a water valve so it got starved and only had small nugs. plus it was tucked in the back and couldnt snip many of the lower bud sites early on.
  5. Why? I thought you were gardening organically?

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  6. i started the organic no till after these were started. have to atleast finish them lol then can more the bigger pot to the 2x4x6.5 tent
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  7. had a 10$ amazon credit for streaming a show so i got it free. well paid a few dollars

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