Start of Summer

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by beastbeast, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. The past few days have been amazing...

    I have met atleast ten new people this week and smoked with them. I even got their phone numbers in case they wanna chill.

    I have hotboxed my room too many times with some fat blunts being passed around. And this has been like a mix of every subculture in my city. Heavy metal dudes, to chilled out druggies, chicks with huge tits, rednecks, and wangsta's, and regular dudes. Every day has been chill as fuck.

    Love the summer, love everyone!
  2. Sounds like a great time, wish my city was like that. personally i hate summer, simply because it is like every other day for me and shit gets old fast. Every day consists of sitting around on the computer or sitting downtown. Cant find a job for the life of me.
  3. It's in the middle of winter here (Australia).

    You can't feel the cold at all when your high till the next mornin when you come down with the flu...
  4. It's in the middle of winter here (Australia).

    You can't feel the cold at all when your high till the next mornin when you come down with the flu...
  5. my summer's pretty lame so far, but i have faith. everyone moved out or got busted and are on probation now, so there's nobody to chill with. hoping once we get more into summer there will be more people. plus, the $50 i have right now is giving me a little more faith in it. just waiting to find a dude.
  6. Sorry to hear that to ya'll. Hope your shit gets better.

    I love smoking in the winter.

    Getting ready to smoke a few blunts to start the day.
  7. Dude I have been doing the same thing. Summer is so badass! But it can get old... just gotta stay active and doing new stuff.

    Toke on:smoking:
  8. Haha I got one more exam tomorow then my summer starts, Another week it will be hot enough to go to beach,
  9. That sucks you got an exam, but one and done.

    And yeah, I haven't been bored yet so it's been all good. Plus this time is great for hittin up pussy...i can't wait
  10. haha the first nice day of summer i:
    smoked a bowl by meself
    smoked 3 fat joints with me and 2 other people
    ate 2 cookies with an eigth in each of them
    got drunk.

  11. Now that's a good day lol

    Most days I'm tired as shit from smoking, I need a sativa
  12. nicee
    i fucken love the summer it just puts me in a happy mood
    i hang out with people 24/7 and we just smoke and smoke all day and if u can remember it u have the best memories
    ahhh :D
  13. Sounds fun, sadly i'm dealing with a warrant for my arrest so i'm having to make sure to dodge cops every where I go.
  14. I got faith this summer will be pretty bitching. one of my best buds moved in down the road from me. Just gunna chill, go biking get high and work on my car all summer. I got a small crop growing for my personal use. Nothin good, just bagseed, most taken from widow or purple haze. I'm pretty excited for summer to get in full swing.

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