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  1. This is the start of my outdoor crop of 09 and its gonna be fine. I just used a simple potting soil from ace hardware and for 2.99 a 1.5 sq. foot its pretty bad ass. Its forest compost,peat,perlite,and builders sand. Im starting them outside in the day time and under 1 27 watt daylight spectrum cfl at night with a fan blowing on them in the closet. When they're big and strong im gonna put them out on there own.I plan to have bout 20 plants by harvest so I can toke, toke toke.:devious:









  2. My lil guys are now outside all the time and now that its getting closer to spring they're really staring to take off and they're beautiful so far. Bout 3 weeks or so ago I started using miracle grow plant food, schultz plant food,and I put some Expert Gardener 6 month bloom & vegetable granules in the soil.




  3. Is it a good idea to put my transplants outside and bring them in at night to get used to the weather and wind? I really can't do this right now because of my shitty rainy/snowy weather right now. But asking for later use and information.
  4. Yes actually I did something similar Im in fl and I planted these in feb it got to freezing for bout 2 weeks. I put them in my car every night. I kept them inside only for like a week and my mom made me "get rid of them" so I improvised by putting them in the car at night.
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    I got some new babies at the top. my buddy gave me 6 white rhino seeds that hes had for like 4 years. I planted 3 of them and they all came up in like 4 days. Got them in some manure compost and potting soil. The second plant I topped a few days ago.
  6. Can see this is going to be a good grow.
    Il be watching +Rep :D
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    These are the nutes I've decided to use I just alternate every other feeding. All my plants are in 0.5,0.5,0.5 compost+manure and potting soil. I was wanting some opinions on whether I should top all my plants, some, or none.



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    Any one have an opinion on topping? Do you always top all your plants or just some? All my plants are showing female flowers.
  9. Does any one know how long it takes to kick back into veg from flowering.
  10. Thats a nice grow it looks like its a very affordable operation im inspired +rep

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    Can someone tell me what the hell is going on PLEASE, I need to know for future references.
    One plant is growing vegetative growth and the others are like flowering and growing very,very slowly. I just dont know where I went wrong these plants should be growing like a bean stalk right know and they cant be auto flowers because one is growing right. I'm puzzled?

    At least these things smell like some fire ass bud but dam I should be getting more out of these




    This is the only one on the right path so far and its starting to show pistils.





  12. I don't know anything about this stuff yet but it looks like you will have at least a little bit of bud off them.

    From what I've been reading I think those could still revert to vegetative growth but I'm not an experienced grower so they will have to help you.

    The plants look nice though even with such blurry pictures.

  13. Forest compost = sawdust.

    It is OK, my basic substrate contains it, holds water and supports your roots, as does the peat and perlite - builder´s sand improves drainage. But it´s got really no nutrition. I would mix in some horseshit or wormcasts or both. Or bat guano if you have the cash. Good luck.
  14. I might be missing something here but if I understand right. You have them under 24 hrs of light and they are budding when you would like them to be vegging? If that is the case, they look like plants that have been under very weak light and maybe to cool of temps to me.:smoke:
    Good Luck
  15. I have manure compost in there now and I feed them every seven days so they should be getting good nutrition.

    When I started I germinated the plants inside and then put them outside when they where about 4 in tall. It was still getting cold at night so I put them in a car at night to keep the frost off of them. I live in florida so for the past month 1/2 or so its been like perfect weather for the plants. They also get some powerful sun light they wilt like every four days. It was prolly the start that threw them off, but can they recover?
  16. I wanna say that florida has around 12 hours worth of light right now, being that close to the equator??? when does the sun rise and fall?
  17. I dont think thats my problem sun rises at 6:38 am and sets at 8:12 pm.
  18. I dunno thats pretty close,and depending on how much phosphate ur giving them... Could cause flowering. The days will be getting longer now. They might go into reveg, hopefully they dont go hermy! Good Luck!
  19. That sounds pretty good hopefully they go into reveg. I dont think they will go hermie they've been through a lot but thanks for the luck.
  20. Well...that first pic looks like a hermie, I would wager this happened due to lack of light if you are growing them beneath all those deciduous trees. How much direct sunlight are they gettin in hours per day? I think that you have some day-nuetral females plants and that if I was you , I would clone and / or make seeds form them and try to make my own auto white russian. The day neautral ones are auto flowering plants, basically the small ones not the hermie in the first pic. Revegging may be a lost cause here, get them out into some decent sunlight and start some more seeds. Maybe, break down those leggy ones into clones? - this is the course of action I would take. Peace

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