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  1. Hey everyone!

    So I'm back, with plants that are now just over two weeks into flower, and the results are looking (to me) good so far.

    I'm here because I figure it's healthy, even if I assume everything is going great, to check up with the experts periodically.

    My current setup is three female plants (Canuk's True OG) in a 60x60x80 tent, under 600w (tomorrow upgrading to 800w) of HPS lighting. The girls are in 5 gallon fabric pots of coco/perlite, in a daily feed-to-drain setup. Daily feed is GH Flora trio, plus added CalMag, usually mixed to ~700 PPM at 5.8 - 6.2 PH. Pictures here for context.

    20190625_062940.jpg 20190624_094742.jpg
    Now, my questions are thus.

    1) I'm seeing a lot of nutrient deficiency signs. I underst
    and nutrient deficiency is normal at this stage.
    My only concern is that it's slightly more pronounced than it should be. There's just a tad more affected leaves than I had last grow at around this time. More pictures here.



    Clearly, these are areas that aren't receiving much light. I expected they would be the first to go. I also have to admit that with my work schedule, there have been a couple long stretches (3 - 4 days) where the plants went with no water/nutes.

    Does this look normal for only two full weeks of flower?

    2) Humidity

    Temps have been great (73-79 day, 57-63 night). But humidity (especially with the coco daily-feed ritual) has been sort of high. I'm talking in the 46-60% range, depending on day or night. Is this going to cause me concern in the future?

    3) Nutrients

    I'm starting to consider new nutrients for flower. This is mostly because my last grow (which gave me spectacular yield) also gave me a lousy smoke and taste. Could this be the synthetic coco/GH Flora trio nutrient water mix? What do you professional coco growers use for nutrients, to give your weed a great flavour? The herb from my last grow (3 months ago now) resulted in bland, tasteless weed that (by now) is also incredibly harsh.

    So THATS about it for now. Many, many more pictures available for context if needed, and I can freely answer questions all day later today. Thanks, GC members!

    - Rob

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