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    I think it would be a good idea id some-one started an all knowing post. I have never grown before so I will need everyone's help. I will post my questions and it will eventually turn into a step-by-step guide from start to end.
    Edit: Basically i want a guide that i dont have to keep in my head, so could you guys just tell me what I need and dont need.

    Pleese take inconsideration this information could be WRONG!
    I am a lost noobie

    Step 1 - Planning
    -Take in consideration its illegal
    -You need a spot where there is enough light OR light can be provided
    -Water is an essential, but drowning the plant isn't cool either
    - (please add suggestions)

    Step 2 - Gathering Supply's

    - You will need seeds (seeds from a purchased bag are good)
    - Light
    - Water
    - Good Soil (pH 6.5-8.5)
    - (please add suggestions)

    Step 3- Germinating
    So your finally ready to start the miracle of life :D Too bad you gotta germinate. Marijuana is not like the normal plant where they have both female and male organs in one. There are male plants and female plants. The females are the smoke able ones. Germinating is just the start of your seed's roots.

    Sources (sexing) by Spanishfly

    Paper Towel Trick
    This is easy and apparently works 85% of the time. (that is better then my high school grades and i'm just fine)
    -Get a Tupperware or something like a cup.
    -Put 5 wet paper towels in there. (not dripping wet but just before supersaturated)
    -Place yo baby on the bed you made (seed on paper towel)
    -Cover with lid that light can not be passed though.
    -Keep in warm place. Warm does not mean hot. Warm is considered room temperature.
    -Check every 12 hours-ish. If the paper towel seems to becoming dry spoon in some water with care. You are filtrating the air when you check on it.
    -This neeeeeeds to be in DARK place.
    -Now wait. (1day - 1 week) (keep checking)
    - Once you have a little stem (1/16") you are ready to move on! Good Job!
    -Take note germinated seed is very very very fragile (BE GENTLE)

    Sources (Germination 420) by Stylez1877

    Step 4 - Vegetation
    So now you have your germinated seed and you wanna start growing. Take your germinated seed and put it in a 3gallon pot. Have the stem facing down about 1/2 inch down. Be sure not to break stem.
    - to be continued.. SORRRY :wave:


    please suggest or tell me what I said wrong
  3. Good God - just what we need - yet another growing guide.
    And written by a lost noob who admits anything could be wrong.
  4. I dont think this thread is necessary,check the Grow FAQS and beginner info.
  5. Mr Marshall I was gonna point out all the flaws, like a 7+ ph being ok for pot, or planting a sprout "stem down" ( to name a few) .

    but instead I am gonna ask you many grows you got under your belt?
  6. I knew this one would be good - :laughing:
  7. OK, we probably don't need another incomplete and/or inaccurate grow guide, but let's give this guy a break. We complain about newbies who come on here with stupid questions, who easily could have found their answers with the search button, who want to know from us if something will kill their plant when the only way to know is for them to try it, and then of course not even say thank you when we help them. At least we have a newbie here who:

    1) Admits he is a newbie (a rarity right there).
    2) Clearly is taking the right approach to cultivation by trying to self-educate (even if he clearly demonstrates the need to learn quite a bit more).
    3) Is trying to help himself and others by spreading knowledge and contributing to instead of just taking from this Forum.

    So yes, low grades on execution but A (and +rep) for effort and the right attitude my friend. Stick around Mr. Marshall, we all were newbies once...
  8. MrMarshall is an admitted newb, and I am sure we all applaud his enthusiasm.

    But it is obvious that his knowledge of growing MJ is VERY limited. In the small amount of his ´guide´ that he has so far produced there are several glaring errors. I have not wanted to embarrass him by pointing them out one by one, but any further guides - IF we need another one - should at least be correct.
  9. MrMarshall9o9, Toasty pointed out the merits of starting a post like this, however, what Cantharis pointed out is equally correct. There is TONS of information on this site. It appears that you've already obviously read some things, but there's far more reading to do.

    What I suggest you do, is arm yourself with all of the information you can find, and start a grow journal when you start your first grow. This will give you the opportunity to let everyone know what materials your using, etc. I have yet to grow anything that isn't just bagseed buried in the dirt outside, but I continue to read on a daily basis, and to learn more about EVERYTHING I can possibly think of. There's tons more that I haven't read yet, but I'm finally to the point that I feel 90% comfortable with my knowledge base and feel I could be quite successful with my first "real" grow.

    Everyone has a question from time to time, even the pros. But to prevent unwanted "naysaying" please make certain you read the grow guides which have already been posted, and go from there. Best of luck to you friend! Look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.
  10. What I was planning to do was keep this as a journal and the more experimxed people fix my mistakes. Like thank you for telling me for telling I should plant the root down. Could some1 show me the growers FAQ and some good growing guides on this site.

  11. Basic Topics.htm

    bit old,( from a defunct site & some links may not work) but still good info. very well organized , just scroll down till you see what your wondering about and click on a link.

    good info. any new grower who has a question would be well served looking thru this before posting a question about growing pot on GrassCity.

    good luck Mr.Marshall

    true that :hello:
  12. even though alot of people fail horribly, your taking theright steps, just keep reading and experimenting, as growing is a long very very careful process where monitoring every little bit of detail is a must.

    i applaud you for being the noob that does it right!

    i agree with toasty here.


    goodluck and lets see whatcha got! :)

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