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    ok so i am kinda new to gc every thing i have learned about growing weed is from this site lol it praticaly gives you a horticulture degree after a few hours anyway i was just creating this thread about starting a union. If you havent seen the show called "the union" you should start there so you can get an idea of what i am talking about. For those who havent seen it well... we should start a union how? people accross the USA and Canada the whole world for that matter could be so much greater if they worked together.
    By this i mean for instants i live in Tx around here all the dealers that your local school kids buy weed from are pushing about a ounce a day there getting charged around $420 an ounce most of the time with few exceptions. They buy useually no more than 2-4 ounces a time a qp is around 1400how ever in places such as calif. org. wash. people are selling $3000 pounds and $1000 qp's on average a pound of dro in Tx will run you about $4000
    Now only if my dealer lived in washington state and would mail pounds using fedex or ups done it many times from calif basically the point is we all need to think about helping ea other and we all could make alot of cash in the process you just need to know the market if ur getting $3000 pounds in washington state someone in tx could buy for $3500 turn around and sell for $4000 fast as hell each of you make a quick $500
    Only problem is the whole trust issue which is i guess the only big reason there isn't a union yet i mean thats what the old skool mafia figured out is that you can go far and do great things if u have a group of ppl "family" that can stick together basic principal for most gangs and mafias i guess we need a marijuana gang a big one that goes accross the usa imagine if there was such a tight circle around the marijuana trade the goverment could do any thing to us they catch us and throw us in jail fuck it ull get out in a couple of days. How? well if you were a loyal great Hustler your boss would have enough cash to get you out guranteed or prolly could pay off the judge (everyone has a price) better yet, your boss might have bought a private prison and request that you are sentenced there.
    Every time you meet a new dealer you both take a leap of faith.... is he undercover....are you..... but you wouldn't be scared if he was a respected GC Dealer there would be no questions to ask yourself. There is a fucking lot of Money to be made. I dunno how many times you have had to pay $20 a gram but i know i do many many times just cuz of the lack of money. But i wouldn't mind paying that price only becasue i would be selling alot of weed so i would have enough money to buy a gram at $20.
    Besides there's people who just wanna GROW, some just wanna SMOKE, some don't understand growing and don't want to, so they just rather buy it, Others don't like getting stoned but love the money in it. You would always have people filling certain positions you could pay a grower to grow personaly for you. then you would hire trimers, pay your hustlers well cuz they are the most important. there are plenty plenty of people who can sell the shit outta weed but there conncet just went dry or got busted cuz someone snitch i guess just because it is illegal doesn't mean that we together as a nation could create a marijuana industry and once you big enough the goverment wouldn't dare stop you if you played your money right you could play politics with dirty money. please lemme know if you think i am high as fuck or it is something we should start thinking about i know i am down
  2. Even the unibomber had paragraph breaks in his manifesto.
  3. Thanks sir elliot
  4. to think there aren't already unions in the US is almost a joke. you just need to network.
  5. thanks for the advice i guess i am saying there are unions but one that involves you and me along with all others that want to join the only thing you need is loyalty
  6. ok i read it. most of it anyway. basically what you described is a classic drug hierarchy. people do that all the time and unfortunately people get put in jail for it all the time also. just make some more friends in the drug game and youll see that exact scenario happening
  7. so wanna join lol

  8. A marijuana dealer union would be very hard to control and organize. And such a union could only be stable if marijuana was legal, and when marijuana becomes legal the purpose of a dealer becomes obsolete. Almost nobody would sell anymore, since regular civilians would most likely grow for themselves. The prices of marijuana on the streets would decrease significantly, since dealers would no longer run a risk in getting caught and the availability of marijuana would increase. It's all about supply and demand.

    Like what you said about how an ounce runs for $420. That's when supply and demand kicks in. If the demand is more than the supply, dealers can charge more. In Philadelphia an ounce goes for $120, since the supply is great.

    If you want to form a union, get some expensive strains and move to Mexico or another country where marijauana won't be legal for a long time. The demand for good marijuana is great, and your supply would be lesser than the demand. Therefore a dealer selling a gram of White Widow ($20 in Philly) could sell the same White Widow gram in Mexico for $50 US Dollars.

    If by some chance that the US Government doesn't legalize marijuana in it's other states, then a union could be formed. A set price for strains of weed would be formed, but the price would be significantly higher since the risk is greater because if one union dealer falls, he might rat out other union members, thus creating a chain reaction of snitching. Then, most likely the union would fall.

    Your idea could only work in a controlled enviroment, where the police were paid off and the DEA is not aware of this union.

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