start 12/12 today, am i ready?

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  1. i have plants6 weeks from seed approaching 3+ feet. i want to start flowering some but not sure if im ready. today i get my 4×8 tent 1000 watt hps. i have a scrog net for 2. besides these things i need to know what else i need like fans and exhaust stuff. also if a photo has not preflowered can i force it into flower at this age and height. this is first grow and have had issues. id like to make the flowering process easy as possible. plants are in coco ans some in soil. i ph everything have veg and bloom nutes, calmag, timers. but not sure how to set tent up. need ideas for controling heat and humidity cheaply. im putting all i got into the tent and light system today. thanks for any help/advice
    also my scrog is 30 inches by 24, is that big enough for 1 or 2 plants that have been topped 2 to 5 times?
  2. You should have been filling up your scrog net in veg to 75-80% full then flower and continue to fill her up

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  3. oh, the scrog wont be going into flower just starting it. sorry i didnt say that. that will be elsewhere. i just never did scrog or flowered. need help with both. can u or is it ok to scrog a plant that has not been topped?
  4. Your scrog net should have been put in place at 8"-12" above the top of your pots. Not all photos will show pre-flowers - you can flower a plant at anytime you like. How about some pics?
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  5. You can scrog anything you want you don't have to top anything to scrog it need to lst forsure

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  6. Too many plants for a single 1000 watt HPS lamp. You'll just crowd up your space with all those plants which will shade out light penetration beneath the canopy of the plant. I would flower 2 max per 1000 watt for best yield and plant growth. Heat is going to be your problem. You'll need an intake source, ducting, in line fan and an output to draw heat off the lights and out of the tent. Keep good air moving around your plants aside from fans installed in ventilation system. Should've started the scrog during veg. Read, read, read up on what you're trying to do. Information is everywhere and the smart person would go ahead and learn all they could about the indoor grow process before getting plants. The more you know, the better you grow. TWW
  7. heres what i have access to now

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  8. ?
  9. Its his logo on plant #1
  10. Could you explain?
  11. yeah right. why post it here and what does it mean
  12. Look at the plants #1 popsicle stick
  13. You've got good eyes.
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  14. lol, my system. my first grow and i screwed myself. the peace sign meens unknown reg. #1 meens its the first. there r 10 peace signs, 4 hearts, 4 popsicles, and 4 stars. hearts northern lights. popcycles auto skunk #1, stars diesel

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