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  1. So glad to be back on here making a new grow thread :D This year I decided not to spend money on seeds and instead grow from bagseed. This post will all be info. I plan on updating this at least every two weeks, so the rest will be all pictures.

    So far, I have 6 small seedlings that have been growing for about a week. They were started indoors and most of them stretched out a lot, but today I replanted them lower in larger party cups with richer soil. They're all outside and getting direct sunlight all day, so I expect them to be happier in a few days. I'm going to start feeding them MiracleGro (1/4 strength) in around two weeks.

    Meanwhile, I just started germinating 3 seeds that I bought online last year. 3 are BC Sweet Gods, which you can read more about here. Last year I had only one survive and it turned out to be a male. This year I am hoping that starting them earlier and planting them in a fenced in area will protect them from dying.

    If you read my grow from last year, you'll notice that I grew a few Early Skunks from SensiSeed. Buuut the conclusion of that grow was anticlimatic. I finished with two 3ft tall plants who smelled delicious, however the buds were small, not dense, and it took at least 3-4 bowl packs to feel the effect. I think this was because it was my first grow, I started them late (mid-June), and I didn't use much fertilizer.

    The bagseeds are numbered 1 thru 6. These are their positions in the garden.

    [5, 1, 2]
    [3] [4, 6]

    Oook that's all for now, see you in a week or so. :smoke:
  2. The pictures are coming soon, I promise.

    Bag-seed numbers 1 and 5 died. Out of the 3 Sweet Gods germinated, one has sprouted. I don't know why the other 2 germinated seeds didn't start growing. Maybe they weren't planted deep enough? The small root sprouts were brown on the tip. I started germinating 2 more Sweet God seeds and 3 Early Skunk seeds, so we'll see how they go. The 4 remaining bag-seed seedlings are doing well, they've all started on their 2nd pair of leaves.

    I'm looking at spots on google maps for some of the plants. A few will stay on the property, the rest will be grown somewhere nearby. There are a couple areas under power lines that are perfect for growing. I'll also be looking at some parks near me, especially the large swamp. Pictures next post!
  3. Okay, time for pictures! This is a list of what is currently living:

    3 Bagseed
    2 Sweet Gods
    2 Skunks

    The bagseed plants are the farthest along.

    This is my favorite so far. It's very short and has nice fat leaves, so I think it's some sort of indica. The copper wire is to keep away slugs, which killed one of my other bagseeds.

    Bagseed. You can see where slugs ate the left leaf clean in half.

    Third bagseed. The cotelydon (the first little round leaves) have been chewed off/damaged. Hopefully this won't stress her. Probably not.

    Here is the first Sweet God that sprouted!

    Second Sweet God to sprout. You can see on it's right that one of it's sisters sprouted and then died for no reason. On a more positive note, behind it is one of the Skunks that started poking it's leaves out yesterday.

    The other Skunk sticking up from the soil. Also, if they look completely soaked, it's because they are. We had a huge rainstorm last night. I'm not over watering them :)

    In other news, I'm spending too much on weed and need to get a job so I'm not sitting around the house all day. And I got a new bubbler!

    Peace :smoke:
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    Ordered the following:

    • 1 Qt each of Earth Juice Grow, Bloom, and Catalyst
    • 60x - 100z lighted pocked microscope

    All are growing super fast, and even tho it's only been 5 days, I'm uploading more pictures. soon as i go upstairs and get the usb converter.

    My seedings were grown in fertilized soil, but I prefer NOT giving liquid nutrients as soon as the plant starts growing. Just need to find out when to start. I think it's when the cotyledon (tiny first baby leaves) wilt. Or when the 4th leaf pair sprouts.

    this time they gonna be dank :smoke:

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