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Staring to learn how to blow glass. Pictures!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bobbert, May 25, 2006.

  1. So I am starting to learn how to blow glass. I thought I would share with everyone on GC what I made today. It was my first time behind a torch ever, and I made a nice marble pendent. Let me just say that it was fucking amazing. I had such a rush from it, it reminded me of when i first started doing photography. Anyway here are the pictures.





  2. Wow that's amazing! Congratulations, glass blowing was always something I wanted to do but have never really had the confidence to start doing. A friend of mine has been blowing glass for a couple months now, he just went out and bought a torch and some glass and started messin' around. He can blow some decent clear sherlocks already.

    Can't wait to see more from you.
  3. If you ever come in to a way to learn how to blow you should jump on the chance. I know i will be dreaming about blowing glass tonight. I was nervous as fuck when i first started putting the glass in the torch, my hands were shaking. After I messed up and started over I just sort of calmed down and started getting a feel for the glass as a liquid. It is not as hard as you would think.
  4. Thats awsome bobbert, somthing im sure alot of us have wanted to get into, the pendent looks sweet.

    You taking the class at a college? and are classes exspensive?
  5. The owner of a local shop is teaching me. I help him out with allot of stuff photos/computer related. So he teaches me something for free and I get good at it and make like 100 of them, then he uses the stuff I make on his glass. So I am like a semi-apprentice. Normally though it is hundreds to thousands of dollars in lessons and supplies. Once i get good enough I could be making pipes and stuff for his shop.<o:p></o:p>
  6. Good stuff Bobbert. I know the rush you speak of. A friend of mine in college began her semester blowing glass when one day her lab partner stopped showing up. She talked to her prof. and he let me come in for the remainder of the semester to fill in. It was amazing working with the huge ovens filled with molten glass and all the tools.

    I made a nug jar but never retreived it from the anealer (sp?)

    Keep up the good work man.
  7. NICE!@!@ Thats real sweet i wanna learn and it looks lik that would be a nice part for a peice haha!
  8. awesome. i've been thinking of taking a glass blowing class this summer but was a little lenient.

    i think i'm going to go for it though.

    nice pendant bobbert.
  9. yeah i've always wanted to to learn to blow glass, in oregon you can pay to learn from Bob Snodgrass, he does amazing work and he invented color-changing glass. His lessons are expensive though. Anyway nice pendent and you should make some nice pipes, i'd pay for a hand made glass bub or sherlock or even a spoon.
  10. That is really good for your first try at it! I can't wait to se more, I am trying my hand at soft glass this summer, my hubby blows hard glass. Nice work Bobbert.
  11. Don't glass fumes fuck with your head/lungs after a while? I could be wrong but I have heard that before and I don't want nothing to happen to our Bobbert :) .
  12. Make me a bong, buddy :D
  13. very cool. always wanted to learn. man if your gonna start apprenticing for him that would be awesome. make some trippy pot leaf thing.
  14. damn ive always wanted to learn to glass blow. def cool that youve got the chance
  15. Man. I just woke up. I swear I had like 10 diffrent dreams about glass blowing last night.

    glass_girl420: Thanks.

    WookiesAreCool: The blower is anal about safty and has alot of exaust fans in his shop.

    Rasta_Man: You know it.

    meatwad420: I still kind of cant belive it.

  16. Bobbert, that is awesome! Congrats on the fantastic hookup! That tear drop is really really great! If you ever get around to creating marbles with names in them, I hear that Amy is very popular. ;) <3 I'll try to stay up on your progress but if you don't see me here feel free to contact me elsewhere.

    R_M, I expect pictures with said bong... :wave: <3 you too.
  17. I can see it now, "Bobbert's Glass Shop". seems fitting to me.
  18. When I first saw they pictures I was like "thats kind of a shitty pipe". But then I saw it was a pendent, Its a good pendent.

    How much is it to start blowing glass, what supplies do you need?
  19. yo bobbert you should deffiantly learn how to make ill bongs now and make tons!!! then you'de be the king of bongs

    like 6 percs all diffused in a special bobbert way haha you'de make a buisness

    Edit: and you can make ashcatchers for your buddys headshop i bet they'd buy them off of you ( i remeber you saying something about they don't ever carry ashcatchers)
  20. there's nothing sexier than looking at your fabulous, exotic glass collection, and knowing that it's all blown by the one and only, you. my highschool offered glass blowing as a course, and i joined up in it as an afterschool activity. it was pretty sick, there was little to no supervision in the glass-blowing room after school hours, and it was always just a bunch of stoners trying their hand at blowing their own pipes. never any bongs, though... too hard to hide. plus our school didn't offer the necessary glass pieces to make bongs. but yeah... I never formally learned how to blow, few of my stoner buddies who were in the afterschool class and the real class just kinda said "this knob turns on the gas, and this one torches it." lol

    what kind of gas is used in glass blowing? i can't remember. :smoking:

    anyway, bobbert... that's awesome man. i hope to witness your growth as a glassblower as time goes on. you should keep a glass blowing journal... haha.

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