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  1. Holy shit, just caught the second season primere and wow... just, wow...

    i love and hate how they've wrapped up T.J.'s storyline like that and i know they're probably going to play on that this season (or at least i hope they do.) i love Sgt. Greer as usual, is it just me or is the dialogue getting more and more ironic or something like that with him?

    kinda sucks that that guy died... (i did say spoilers. so don't say i didn't warn you.) he had some really awesome lines in the episode.

    ... and i want to pop Dr. Rush in the nose right about now. glad to see he's got a voice of reason/angel on his shoulder now.

    what do you like about the show?
  2. It's gritty and dark. Not what I expected from the Stargate series factory. I have to say that my two favorite characters are Eli and Chloe. I'm waiting to see if they hook up.
  3. ooh, i'm more WTF?-ing about her leg. don't get me wrong, if the bullet when through and through she would heal faster but not THAT fast. something's up with her i'd bet. ;)
  4. ive been into this show since it started. looking forward to tonights ep the show gets better and better :smoke:
  5. SGU dissapoints me. Ive been a fan of SG1/Atlantis for a long time now, so obviously im a little bias.

    I know I know, SGU is supposed to reinvent the series, yada yada, and it has really. But im used to badass enemies, p90s blasting around corners and whitty ass comments lol. SGU needs to step it up to last more seasons.

    Oddest thing yet is the funky aliens who surrounded Lt. Telford. no doubt there will be more to this... but damn it takes 2-3 episodes for anything to really happen.
  6. Eli done got his-self a gurlfriend. :D
  7. Yesterday's episode was my favorite of the season so far.

    Who the fuck is Rush talking to?

  8. The ship. Just like the Destiny was causing Col. Young to have those simulation dreams, it's also conjuring up some of Rush's personal demons.

    I'm not sure whether that means the Destiny is trying to help Rush, or hinder him from figuring out how to gain complete control over the ship.

    SGU is quickly becoming my favorite of the Stargate series. This season has been a home run so far. I just hope it doesn't meet the same fate as Caprica (which was gay anyway) and get canceled for lack of viewers.
  9. It broke my heart that they canceled Haven. That was an excellent series. Oh well. We still have SGU. It's either Destiny or the aliens that are interfering with Rush. When is Lou Diamond going to enter the scene again?
  10. I haven't started watching season 2 yet.

    After Stargate Atlantis ended, universe has been the only way to get my fix.
    I really hope they make that Stargate Atlantis movie though...
  11. That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure. I'm guessing that nobody else knows about that room he's in? Rush is one shady mofo and his "equations" are lame. He needs a lesson in honesty (which I thought he would have learned after getting dumped on that planet). Glad to see Eli get some. He's funny as shit.

  12. No, nobody knows about the room he's in. Remember when Col. Young asked him where the hell he has been and Rush took him to that one corridor in the ship with all the equations written on the walls? Everybody thinks he's there...yet nobody ever thinks to go check up on him :laughing:

    From the previews for next week, though, it looks like Col. Young has figured out what he's been up to.

    Rush is actually my favorite character, just because of how mysterious he is. He's obviously invested in figuring the Destiny out, but why? We don't know whether he wants to get home, or if he just wants to travel the universe forever.
  13. My dvr cut off the next weeks preview. I totally think he'd be content to wander the universe forever.

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