Stardew Valley

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  1. I'm kind of surprised this hasn't gotten it's own thread yet.

    Let's talk about Stardew Valley! The overnight success story of a single developer. PC's first true Harvest Moon-like experience that doesn't require ROMs.

    Within 12 days, over 400k copies had been sold. From it's wonderful and relaxing gameplay mechanics, to the meaningful relationships you can form with the towns NPCs and their incredibly well written dialogue,.

    This is a game that you would expect to have come from at least a small studio, not just a single person that set out with the initial goal of learning to make video games.

    It's a bit early to make such a statement, but I think I've found my GOTY for 2016 in Stardew Valley.

    What do you think of the game, blades?

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  2. It's a great game, clearrrrrly entirely inspired by Harvest Moon, but very well done none the less.

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