Star Wars: The Old Republic

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  1. its been super hyped up like Warhammer was and look how that turned out.. warhammers down to under 100k subs last time they looked.. which wasn't recent

    just sayin'
  2. Unless the game has some unique features to set it apart from all the other MMOs then this game will flop more than likely. I am looking forward to this hardcore though. I have been keeping an eye on it for about a year or so.
  3. I want to play this game so bad.

  4. As a huge Star Wars and Bioware fan, I cannot wait for this game. If you know anything about Bioware, you know they create emotionally stirring and memorable/epic stories while at the same time experimenting with great new gameplay mechanics that are very often immensely successful. Bioware knows that they need to bring a refreshing view to the MMORPG industry, and they plan on doing this by putting the RPG back in MMORPG. Not only are they making it fully-voiced (supposedly around a 1000 full length novels worth of dialogue), but demo testers have already reported the quests and stories as immersive and not the typical boring (gather, messenger, etc) types of quests. Also I think the pvp looks great so far, and I can only imagine the spectacles they're going to perform with endgame material with the amount of lore in the Star Wars universe.

    While it cannot really compete with WoW immediately after release (I mean it does have 3 cool expansions and an addictive style to MILLIONS of players), I think that this MMORPG will be much, much more successful then any other MMO, simply because of the huge amounts of Star Wars fanatics. I can only hope that it will be fun enough to play 6 years down the road, and be successful enough to for Bioware to develop much anticipated expansions.
  5. its unique feature is that it's Star Wars, and nerds LOVE STAR WARS

    I KNOW I DO and that's why I'm buying this game....mmmm....can't wait for a good star wars mmo
  6. Galaxies was amazing before the revamp happened and they let everyone be Jedi's from the start. But yes, this game does have my nerd senses tingling.
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    I was hoping at first, (2008) this game would have somewhat of a sandbox approach(most specifically on guilds). However now it seems its more like just a run of the mill RPG with online elements.

    One of the developer's who doesn't work there anymore suggested the idea of guild bases (capital ships/and space stations) As well as other sandbox themes and styles, however the execs wanted a game that would be the best direct competition that would directly steal players from other disenfranchised mmo players and bring them in to their game. When I read this article a while back, I immediately knew how this game was going to end up and so far I am not satisfied at this turn and probably won't get the game.

    1. Its "hardly" an MMO. I mean every class is going to have the exact same ship! Theres no inviting your buddies onto your ship or having a guild owned ship!?... Space combat and flight is instanced. Players you meet are going to be in designated areas. Its to much of a controlled approach. For this reason I call it a ORPG the MM is missing because there is no massive multi player. The Massive is placed on the story, while have no qualms on that. They could of made the multi player experience more promising. I don't understand how guilds are going to work, but from what I have heard they will be half assed. Except from maybe the open questing enviorment (Which is going to be very similar to a mass effect/kotor world style of a very streight forward world with not much interesting things to explore, I mean you couldn't really explore much on the planets in kotor and ME that wasn't out of the way of where you should be in accordance with your storyline or quest. Atleast WoW now has a fully terraformed home world where you can explore every inch.

    This is a game thats going to hold your hand along the way and "Do this now, and do this, and do this. Oh fun! Therefore it is classified as a "Theme Park" environment. Theme park because the world is static and you "ride the rides" and woo-wee how fun. On to the next ride. Once all the rides are ridden there is a stale taste like in WoW. Nothing you do will have any impact on the world or much of anything than your storyline.

    I mean look its focused on story. Your story will have nothing to do with other peoples story lines. Its a static catwalk to the end of the game, which I guess you will just be doing stale same old raids.... oh yay... Overall who wants to paying said amount of money a month to basically play an rpg where 70% of it is going to be you by yourself (or companions) to do whatever it is your storyline will have you do.

    I was hoping for something new, something brilliant, something innovative. However I was let down for their quest for numbers and moneybags. Maybe I'm being pre-judgemental, however when it comes to the mmo market you have to compare apples to apples and bananas to oranges. Even before a game comes out to find out where to spend your hard earned bones.

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