Star Trek Tos Without Cgi

Discussion in 'General' started by Lockout, May 25, 2013.

  1. So I've only seen Star Trek TOS in its current state (CGI replacing the ship model and planets) but now that I'm planning on rewatching the series I'm looking to see it in a different light, in its original state before they added the CGI transition sequences and whatever else they edited. Any ideas? I don't want to pay too much as I've already purchased the current boxset but I'm open to any illegal methods you might suggest.

  2. it would probably be a really slow process but you could keep your eyes open whenever you're in a thrift store. there seems to be a new tos laser disc or vhs every day at my local goodwill. 
    or you could find a modestly priced used boxset of remastered blu rays on amazon or ebay or even at a used records/movies store? the blu rays have the original state on one side and the CGI-touched remasters on the other.
    Damn! I should have bought the blu ray set.
  4. Get the starwars boxset instead :p
  5. holy cow i am such a dork for not remembering this before. has made 
    available for free. and there's no indication that it's a limited time thing. the TOS episodes are presented in all their original glory and i guess the only caveat is that there's a couple of advertisements but yeah. star trek marathons on all fronts.  ^_^
  6. Most of the streaming services (Hulu, netflicks, etc) have it all.
  7. i've never watched the series on a few of the movies

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