Star Trek - The Next Generation

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  1. Really, really good shit. Got me into science when I was 11 - I still remember. I just acquired the series and watched most of the episodes for the first time in 22 years. And they're even more awesome now than I remember them to be perhaps because I'm older and understand more.
    Anyways, am I the only one here who still thinks Picard is the man? And Riker - so fucking stern, but got the job done at all costs. Data - the awesome android. Geordi and his visor. Troi - what a body. And good ol' Wharf. :D
    The episodes are extremely hard to find on Youtube, but this one seems to stay up. It's very deep - getting into subjects that are profound (just smoke a bowl and watch - if you haven't seen it, take a walk on the wild side and do it).

    Anyone else? Come on!

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    Start trek The Next Generation is awesome. I got done last month watching the whole series on Netflix. And just recently finished "Voyager"

    Captain Picard promotes a Resource Based Economy



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