Star Gazing

Discussion in 'General' started by flower_child, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Anyone ever just go out in the middle of nowhere and look at the stars? My parents have some land out in the country, and at night, when there's no moon or anything (You'd be surprised how much light a full moon gives off) you can look up and see every single star, not to mention dozens of falling stars, and tons of satellites, the milky way, planets, the works. It's absolutly breathtaking. I highly suggest you check it out if you've never had the chance. You don't need to be high to enjoy such a beautiful scene either. Check it out completely sober, and it will still take your breath away. (Though being high can't hurt of course)
  2. haha i've acculy never done that..only once to watch an eclipse and those things are crazzy
  3. i have a cabin in the middle of nowhere, no pollution, i can see the nothern lights, trillions of stars, and everything else you named. I love it... especially over a deserted lake.
  4. yeah when i smoke with my girlfriend we go outside and lay in the grass and look at the stars
  5. dude i hear that. i just recently was able to persuade my longtime gf so smoke. doing nothing was awesome.

    but flowerchild, i never hear the term "falling stars" around here, but thats real cool.

    i know what you mean, i love going to the nc mountains and enjoying nature. if you make a habit of watching every sunset/sunrise youll get tired but you enjoy it so much.
  6. I love looking into the sky at night.

    Call it cliched but it makes me feel my insignificance, our insignificance.
  7. Hope I'm not misinterpretting this, but are you asking what that term means? Just in case, it's just what I say when I see a meteorite in the sky. Also called shooting stars and probably other names as well.
  8. hey flower u like shrooms? im on them and i can say i completly know what ur talking about its amaszing will i feel a major battel with a ..something its just wired its some thing i need to get over or something will ill ttyl
  9. I was up in Maine a few months ago. My cousin's got a place thats like in the middle of nowhere. Its amazing how much more you can see when your in the open without all the lights of even a small town. It just makes you think how much is really out there that we dont even know about. Its really relaxing too.
  10. yea i love lookin at stars. especially when on shrooms, or lsd, or high on some mary jane

    i especially like getting into in depth discussions about shit outside this planet with people while under the unfluence of something
  11. I spend alot of time reading about them. For now, it's as close as I've gotten. Hopefully some cows are gonna help me change that this summer. :smoking:
  12. get a spore print and grow your own :)

    they arent too hard to grow
  13. dude thats awsome i actually lyk to do that shit but its more funn if ur fucked up and its good shit and u look at the clouds lol u see some interestin shit lol
  14. no way, clouds fuck up start gazing......maybe its just me though, but i like a clear sky for gazin

    but if it is mid afternoon and i am trippin on lsd i LOVE some big fluffy white clouds going by :D
  15. Yea, I want too. Can't buy brown rice flour here though. I'll probably end up getting a mycobag and a syringe instead.
  16. good choice as well
  17. Haha same exacti thing with me.... i really cant wait to try them

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