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**Stanky New Pickup**

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jabbajaws XD, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Picked this up today
    Haven t had a chance to smoke it yet but by the looks of it i should be high as fuck

    And i haven't smoked in the past 2 weeks because my other connect got arrested :*(

  2. Sucks about your dealer but nice nugs. :smoking:
  3. looks killer
    EDIT: Im a moron
  4. nice nugs bro. wowow. looks like candy.
  5. sweet looking nugs
  6. nice, cant go wrong with stinky
  7. haha sorry to hear about the police smashing your connect

    is he in jail or what?
  8. Dam that sucks about your dealer, but nice pickup regardless
  9. Well my friend and i were going to pick up some more bud and as we got closer to his house all we saw were blue flashin lights. We saw him and a cop in his drive way and there was a fat ass sack of weed on the cops trunk. And we saw him in handcuffs next to the car

  10. damnnn that sucks...(dealer) not the bud....

    fuckin pigs
  11. Bud looks very delicious
  12. fairly sexy?

  13. for a second i was like " High end mids"

    than the frostttttt...

    Looks yummy yo :)

  14. Sexy nugs, should be a good sesh.

    Bummer about the dealer brew.
  15. Damn, that looks like some bomb ass weed man.
  16. why thank you very much
  17. did i mention im about to get a half o of this stuff for only 60?

    i love my dealers :)
  18. Looks pretty dank. I've seen danker but i'm not saying this is a bad pick up.
    Nice job, keep looking though. I'm sure that you will find a skinky 8th of dank.
  19. Wow Suck for your dealer, shudda been careful.

    But ey amazing bud u got there. how its smokin?:smoke:

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