stanky dirt?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ChronikTokR, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. i made my own soil for my 2nd grow that i will start in 2 or 3 weeks. the soil is made from top soil, bone meal, blood meal, peat moss and vermiculite. its been sittin in a rubbermaid with a lid for about 2 weeks and i went to go stir it and it smelt like butt hole. is it suppose to? and will it make my grow room stank?
  2. Sounds like it has gone stagnent....I wouldn't use it....
  3. Arent you supposed to do the blood/bone meal a LONG time before you plan on using it? and outside in open air? i would just buy some unfertilised soil from the store and use it... Then use the dirt you made outside for an outside grow
  4. no i didnt get the dirt from out side. and are you shittin me dont use it? i thought it might just be the blood meal since that shit smells anyways.
  5. Yea, i wouldnt use it... old stagnant blood is just asking for pests and disease. It'll probly cause so much more trouble than just putting it outside and letting it turn into good dirt for next years grow or for an outside grow. Its not supposed to stink when its ready to be grown it, its supposed to smell like... well, dirt...
  6. ok. then what should i do for my gorw? any good easy dirt recipies?
  7. I would buy it from the store. Schultz (or however you spell it) is a good one from home depot
  8. Shultz sucks. Try to stay away from Shultz, Scotts or Miricle Grow. Usually they all have fertilizer added (very bad) and the drainage in all three are terrible (also very bad). I would just go to a local nursery and pick up some potting soil or organic potting soil and with one good bag of soil you don't have to mix up any magical concoctions because you will already be fin-to-go.
  9. i wouldnt say its shot hell its a all organic mixture,,,,, what do you expect it to smell like,,, a rose....just air it out,, it proably got a lot of moisture,,,,one fellow said he lets his soil mixture sit for 6 wks. , maybe thats why.... it may smell like the devil while all those organic components are starting to break down... i dont think its shot,,,,

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