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stankiest dank you've ever had

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NWestblessed, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Strawberry cough - strawberry, skunk, rubber cement, a lil half gram bug would out stank a pound of most other fanks. So intense it would literally make your eyes water.

    Some unknown strain of arguably the best I've ever smoked smelt super slinky with a Strong pine sol smell upon closer inspection.

    My buddy had some supposed skunk #1 that of course smelt like that pungent ass skunk that you smell when your around a good grow.

    I've always liked a real real skunky bud. Some unusual smells I've encountered are magic marker, onion, milk duds (blue dream) and I've smelt bud smoke that filled the room with a strait fruity pebbles smell. Or smoke that smelt like pungent campfire
  2. Strawberry cough is hella dank. I had this sweet island crack once that was fucking amazing. Where in the northwest you from?
  3. Afpak Kush.
    also the stickiest i've ever had.
  4. I got some lemon kush that really stunk up my room
  5. well man i rep the northwest too.

    my favorite smoke, when it comes around, would have to be northern lights #5 in organic soil with a good long cure!

    out of all the dank ive had, good NL#5 is still tops.
  6. Christmas Kush

    Georgia Pine

    Sour D from FL
  7. Lemon haze- cool/different smell.

    Super sour diesel- Idk what's super about it. Just seemed like normal sour diesel.

    Jack Frost- cool name. Alright smoke.

    Catpiss- never smoked it. A bunch of my friends did. It was in my area at the same time as the jack frost and super sour diesel. Never got any.

    Some no name dank-my whole car reaked. And it was in a bag, in a metal case, in the car console. And it was only 2 grams. All of it rolled into one blunt had me really high between like 5 people, and we had to put it out early (like 8/10 of the way done, probably lost like 4 hits) cause we got kicked out of the party for drinking/smoking outside where other people could see.
  8. My 1/8 of some super silver haze is destroying my deodorant safe. It's like you smell skunk with an underlying scent of Axe.
  9. I'm from portland oregon. The whole town staanks
  10. L.A. Confidential Kush. That shit was LOUD.
  11. I had some stuff that smelled like was so dank :D
  12. I remember this bud I got one time smelt just like juicy fruit gum no weed smell what so ever like it had drops in it or something. Pretty sure it smoked right though it was just crazy how much it smelt like that. Oh and some delicious unknown dank that smelled and tasted (more of a rarity in variety I find) just like and Andes mint chocolate fuckin yummm. Potent indica shit. I had some good looking bud that smelt like green apples, sweet pastry, purple has a nice smell, cat piss smells like vomit, had blueberry that smelt like hot apple cider, aghan goo (which is the most gooeyest indica delight ever) smells like a house filled with fire stove aroma man the flavors go on and on and on that's my absolute favorite aspect of buds is the continuous variety
  13. I've only smoked Strawberry Cough once so i don't really know how dank it is, but Northern Lights or Sour D are the dankest I've ever had
  14. #14 Nadroj, Nov 24, 2011
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    Yo im from the northwest too... born in the 509, lived in the 360 for a lil bit and have lived here in the 406 (montana) ever since '96.

    As of lately... this Blue Dream, Strawberry Kush and God Bud are the stankiest... i dont understand how it emits such an awfully amazing aroma. It's awesome.

    Blue Dream

    God Bud

    Strawberry Kush
  15. i had some no name dank last week that REEKED. i took the baggie out, stunk up the whole room, i put it away and had to spray febreze so it didnt smell anymore. i smoked a joint and had me high as fuckin hell. i've had sour diesel and white rhino and stuff before, but my memories foggy lol
  16. Maui Wowie, probably some unknown strain, but sticky as fuck and one bowl will knock you out, and if you smoke a lot, you will be in space for the next 5 hours :bongin: :bongin: :bongin:
  17. Portlands probably the easiest place in the world to find bud. Barely got across the bridge and already had people asking me if I wanted to pick up lol. I have some DANK Afgoo right now. Moms makin me keep it outside ahaha
  18. I had 1.5 g of some no name dank triple bagged and it still made my room smell like skunk.
  19. I had some OG that when I would open the mason jar, the entire floor would smell of dank within 10 seconds.

    edit: It ranked so much I had to keep the mason jar in a freezer bag as well, or else it would still smell a bit. 100% serious, air tight mason jar to. Might just be my paranoia though...

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