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  1. What are the standard prices for various marijuanna types in So. CA? Please indicate type of weed (i.e. hash, standard (types of standard?), chronic, etc.) and there varying prices throughout the western coast, mainly the CA area.
  2. 2 Grams usually runs $20 all through out So Cal.

    3.5 Grams= $20 for Schwag, $50 for regs, $60 for KB

    7 Grams=$40-$50 for Schwag, $80-$90 for regs, $120 for KB

    14 Grams=$80 for Schwag, $120-$160 for regs, $180 for KB

    28 Grams=$120 for Schwag, $300-$320 for regs, $350 for KB

    Places like Venice Beach and Humbolt have some of the best KB for the best prices. Places like Laguna and Newport have outrageously high prices for everything. Inland cities like Fullerton and Anaheim have pretty basic prices. Hunnington Beach and Long Beach are usually the best places to go in So. Cal if you know the right people, but it's risky as hell sometimes in LBC.

    Hash is hard to come by sometimes, but 2 grams is usually 20 bucks. Your best bet for hash is Venice Beach.
  3. 1 gram "Commercial" or Merch, just really schwag, called merc cuz its like an industry out here in chicago is 10 bux. Thats just to clarify merc. Hehe!

    1 g. merc - 10$ - Dro/dank - 20$
    3.5g merc 25$ - dro/dank for usual ppl, 70, me 55 =)
    28g merc - 140 - dro/dank 300.

    now our dro/dank is AWSOME. Its hairy, it fucking reeks, and smoke is thick as a mutherfucker. 2 bowls will knock a lot of everyday smokers off their asses! Man do i love the windy city - suburbs. hahahha. This is chicago... just comparing.
  4. could you guys elaborate on some of the terms you are using? i am a REAL beginner, just to let you know, umm, what's a "dro/dank" and a "schwag" and what is considered "regs"? thanks
  5. Shwag is lowest potent pot (less THC[the shit that gets you high] ) weed, the lesser ones, Regs are the average potent pot (Some regs are awsome ass) dro/dank is the muther of weed (Best shit avaliable in your area). If your looking for quantity, go for Mids, if you want to get super stoned, get dro/dank, if your low on cash, get Shwag.
  6. thanks canadian!

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