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Discussion in 'General' started by porchy44, Dec 2, 2011.

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    So you're saying Christians are unanimously below an average IQ of 70?

  2. Not surprised you didnt understand that

  3. Many Christians may have a higher IQ than 70...but none of them use this as reasoning for why God exists is what he's trying to say.
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    Thank you for pointing out that obvious information 3 times now.

    Everyone with a IQ above 70 understands why the analogy in the OP is ridiculously silly and retarded. You don't need to point out why.
  5. Just giving him shit man :smoke: I was implying that's true.
  6. No thats not what I said, maybe you need to brush up on your brilliant reading comprehension skills.

    I never said anything about the IQ of people who believe in christianity.
  7. LOL we're arguing the same thing here man, logic on that side of the table is too flawed to even be rationed with. This status is just one more example of that.
  8. yea damn peepz let's just chillz a little lol
  9. this thread is why i love gc
  10. Not a mod, and not trolling.
  11. MUSH IS A MOD?!?! LAWLZ CONGRAtZZ MAN god doesnt exist, the bible is nothing more than a decent sci fi novel, when you die, we come back as something else. until the earth implodes.

    edit: oh.......
  12. Did any of yall ever take such a fat dump that they almost fainted and passed out? shit almost happened here almost had a heart attack home grizzly
  13. Sure bro.
  14. No shit.

    I would more likely accept the Dovahkiin as my god

  15. Religion has set its hatred onto this thread through negative introspective lies.
  16. Yeah. Its religion all right...
  17. U mod trolling bro?
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    Rough doo-doos passing through your asshole stimulates the vagus nerve.

    Most likely why you felt that way, its also why pooping has been known to trigger heart attacks/syncope in old/obese people.
  19. Dont make me ip ban you

    But seriously, how many of these threads do we need? Ok you dont like religion, and you are Einstein compared to these mentally retarded children. All hail your superior brain.
  20. Bitch you know hes behind like 7 proxies?

    I checked.

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