Stalled Growth?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 33ninetwo, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Earlier this month i started growing 2 plants, they were growing steady until the last few days they havent grown much. They both stand about 3 inches out of the dirt with 2 leaves, as you can see from the picture. I water them daily with a spray bottle, they get plenty of light too.'

    Any Advice? This is my first time growing ever.


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  2. they look really stretched, what lights are you using? if your using CFL's get them as close as possible to the tops of the plants (about 2/3 inches), you might wana repot those and cover up most of the stem, theyr over stretched.
  3. man those are stretching waaay too much. get the light way closer to the plants, and what kind of light are you using? I'm guessing you're using CFL so if you are put the light like 2 inches from the plants.
  4. yo if ur soil completely blows, u may want to enrich it with some high in nitrogen organic fertilizers. Make sure temps are good and ph is good. Also make sure teh soil at the root level isnt getting cold... ADditionally ur gunna wanna keep ur lights no matter what type they are as close to the plants as possible without burning them.
  5. oh yea and its not a smart idea to hvae ur game tickets in the background of your tickets. Its not hard to read that its at ralph wilson stadium. Something to be advised of in the future.
  6. alright so I'll re pot them and put them closer to the light, and post back with an update. thanks for the help. and I don't keep them next to my game tickets, i just had to rep the bills win today. :p
  7. he meant for security reasons. Did you pay with a credit card? Someone could easily look up your seat number and find out who purchased the ticket. When you take pics of plants try not to give any info with them. By someone I mean the DEA, cops, etc.. be smart!

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