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  1. Alright guys,I think something is going on. I have this felling that my upstairs neighbors are stalking my room,when i do my thing with my gal. ;(

    one day my brother visited me to hang out and stuff,smoked some
    Bowls and watched Netflix,

    Later, my neighbors invites us to drink! He's an swell guy, he lives up stairs lol, so we drank some beer,having a good time and all,puking and smoking more :)

    later that night,we went back down stairs then he went to my room,awkwardly funny, went in an out quickly? After that,he said hi :).....O.0 so I've just ignored that!

    Few days later,my neighbors were having a carne asada (like any usual Saturday) they're all Mexican traditional speaking no americano and shet.
    That day i think They were talking about me and some girl,laughing and shit , I couldn't understand Spanish much. -_- I'm guessing it's us. Also I'm guessing my brother Planned on this..... That fucken back stabbed :mad:

    Every since i bring my gf to my house, things got strange.awkward looks.laughs and stuff when i see them. idk man

    I'm always having a strange felling something is up -_-

    Do you any people know any stealth device that can video record a room?? Anything that has to to do with stealth recordings will be fine.

    So does any have any suggestions?? :/?
  2. Just call the cops.
  3. if you legit think they are recording you and your GF having sex then yeah... i'd probably get the police involved too! just make sure all your illegal shit is hidden outside the room because they will probably search the entire place looking for cameras and shit.
  4. HI,
    I think you are right.
  5. this is your neighbor
    I would ask dude to his face if he's been watching me
  6. Ask them in Spanish if they like voyeurism ....see their translate will help you
  7. Try double penetration then next time see if he can look you straight in the eyes.
  8. Have her fuck you with a strap on and casually bring up butt playing next time you guys hang.

    Watch the reaction mate.

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