Stalkers, mountain lions, cops, and a whole lot of cannabis

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  1. So last night me and three other friends decided to buy some bud and go hike in the woods behind my friend's house. The night started off pretty normal, hit up another good friend of ours and got a quad of some bomb kush for 70 bucks (gotta love friends that deal) and then headed to the 99 Cent Store to get some munchies for later.

    So we park a little ways away from the woods and then walk in and start sparking some bowls. As we're hiking we start to hear a bunch of noises, like crunching of leaves and shit but we think nothing of it and keep walking and toking. About ten minutes after this we hear two voices talking and realize that there is someone else out there so we shine the flashlights around and try to find them, but can't, but we decide that we are not gonna let them ruin our night and just keep hiking, figuring that there is 4 of us and two of them and that they would stop following us eventually.

    We keep hiking up this hill and smoking when we get a call from one of my friend's brother saying he just quit his job and wants to come toke with us. We've already smoked close to 10 bowls by this point and are fucking lit so we figure why not share the love and weed, so we say sure and tell him where to meet us. However, we may have been a little too stoned while giving him directions on where to find us and he ends up getting lost in the woods. Eventually, we find him after about fourty-five minutes of desperate searching.

    Now this is where shit really starts to get intense. After we find my friend's brother we of course get some bowls going for him, but as it turns out nothing was gonna go right for us that night. Next thing we know we hear radios and we've got two cops shining flashlights on us from about 50 yards away. Being no rookies to smoking and running from cops we bolt it in the opposite direction and after running for a good 15 minutes straight or so we figure we've lost the cops and should just start to find our way back to the car.

    So we figure out where we are at and head towards the car until we get about ten minutes away from where it's parked and start to talk about how nice it will be once we're in the car, safe and high. This wasn't going to be the case though, cause once again we start hearing the same two voices from earlier. So we pull out the flashlights and start flashing them again, but this time we are able to shine them right on them. Now these were not two regular dude's just trying to have a good time and play a practical joke on some people hiking in the woods. These motherfucker's looked straight out of a Rob Zombies movie. Needless to say, we were back on the run again, trampling through the woods on the lookout for cops and now, psychopaths.

    We now realize that there is no way that we are going to get back to the original car, so we begin to head to another section of the woods in order to get to my friend's brother's car. Once again we get to where we can almost feel the warmth of the car, but this time it was nature's turn to fuck with us. First we hear two small barks and we all stop talking. What happened next is still being replayed in my mind; the loudest growl I've have ever heard in my life and our flashlight finding a mountain lion cub and momma lion no more than 50 feet from us. Somehow we were able to keep our cool, despite being absolutely baked and scared shitless, and slowly backed away from it, making ourselves look as big as possible.

    By this time we have been on this mission for almost 4 hours and are completely exhausted, physically and mentally. Luckily, my friend knows these woods pretty well and is able to find us another trail that is away from the mountain lions and will take us back to where my friend's brother is parked. After another good hour of walking on this trail we finally find the car and get in, stop at Krispy Kreme and get some donuts, hotbox the shit out of the car, and go over what the fuck just happened.

    All in all, the craziest experience of my life, without a doubt. Even though nothing went the way we had planned and we nearly got arrested, attacked by lunatics, and mauled by mountain lions I still have to say that now looking back I'm glad it happened, just for the sheer insanity and the story I now have to tell. And the fact that we were still able to get succesfully baked :D:hello::smoking:.

    Anyways, sorry this is so long, I'm pretty fucking high right now and I think I rambled, but I think it needed to be told in detail so the true experience is shown. Haha peace, and keep toking.
  2. That. Is. Intense.
  3. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. that's all I have to say
  4. Baked or not, that is an adventure.
  5. thats a damn good story/experience but whats wrong with toking a friends house??? lol
  6. Strait up crazy man.

    Congrats on coming out of that situation safely and with bud.

    Those victory tokes in the car must've been awesome haha
  7. That's some Harold And Kumar shit right there bro!

  8. Yeah the whole time we were talking about what a stoner movie our situation was turning into haha.
    And yeah getting baked in the car with the donuts was absolutely amazing.
  9. holyy shit that was a crazy story. good read.
  10. Rob Zombie like stalkers following you.
    I would of been scared out of my mind.
    Dont you ever wonder what would of happened if they would of found you?
  11. WOW is all I can say. Why were the cops in the woods? I'd be flying out of that situation! For crackheads and large cats, large rocks are a friend. I recently had a situation with a mountain lion and her cubs, not the best time, but a good experrience afterwards.
  12. Intensity in ten cities.

    Holy crap man, what a scary, entertaining, and awesome story.
  13. Wow. That is unbelievable. That mountain lion easily could have torn you and your friends to shreds, especially defending a little cub.
  14. DUDE I LIVE IN L.A TOO and I know the exact trails ur talking about.
    My Homies invited me they called it "The Enchanted Forest".:confused:
    And supposedly theres bums, and freaks their.
    Sadly i've never been there... but my cuzin showed me pics and video of them being chased haha just grab a stick and swing away or carry a Knife and ur straight.;)
    but yeah i can Confirm this is no made up story!:D
  15. Haha, what an adventure. Glad to hear your safe man!
  16. :eek: Crazy. CRAZY. I get lost in my front yard high all the time, I can't imagine doing that in a forest with kitties, cops, and scary people!
  17. what if the cops were out there searching for loose murderers..that looked like they came from a rob zombie movie??
  18. damn,, this story does have it all... Even thought it was scary back then, these stories are the best. And i gotta say, thank you breakin up the story and making it actually readable. some people are like...

    first we went to see this dude and was liek what the shit and ran. and everyone ran. and then stopped and was like fuck man, that was some shit. then popo came and we ran some more. then we found some pot plants and smoked them. but werent pot plants and we all got sick, and then the popo came back so we were running and puking and everyone died but me.
  19. I lol'd.

    Sounds pretty intense, OP. Glad to hear you were okay though.
  20. You, my friend, have lived.

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