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  1. Hello there iam not sure how old my plant is currently but I originally planted them in december "i know pretty late" and didnt succeed however they blew away from there peats outside when i left them on my front porch and 1 managed to survive being underneath my porch with poor clay rocky soil with little to none light. I just happened to grab some tools underneath and saw the little one growing stretching for light. I can see on the stalk what appear to be 3 nodes each spaced and the first set of leaves growing. Now my question is how is it my stalk is not green and looks totally diffrent than any seedling ive ever grown. Iam currently letting it outside with south eastern exposure and just simple water 2 times a day. Pot is big but it had a suprisingly decent root system from being in poor rocky clay soil and has handled transplant well for the past 2 days. Im hoping it makes it.
  2. Got a pic?

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  4. What did you do?
    You'll probably be fine. Stalk seems pretty hardened. Keep on observing it and seeing if the stalk becomes wider for a stronger base. Try putting your plant in an area with decent wind/breeze. Wind blowing your plant back and forth with strengthen your trunk.

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  5. Hahaha my thoughts exactly iam puzzled how my stalk looks like that already. It survived 3 heavy snow underneath my porch and it should have long died by now. There is light breeze throughout the day and it seems to be doing fine i was just puzzled and speechless as to how it survived

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