stakes , nets, or yo yos?

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  1. as far as supporting plants in late flower what method do you prefer? i use stakes to train them after the flip but now by week 7 i can just free them from their bondage and boy they look happy now blowing in the wind fighting for the light the trick is to have strong branches from the get go i pulled every stake and tie just now hopefully the next week or so will have them leaning that means they are bulking up HaPPY growing and its going to be a merry Christmas I already chopped a bud premature and dried it and the buzz is unbelievable with about 5% amber cant wait for the real deal 1.jpg 15.jpg 11.jpg 14.jpg
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  2. tomorrow is my day off and yes i plan on cleaning the floor lol not easy growing and working 80 hours week and doing everything including turning lights on and off manually i am hands on 100% and it does pay i even play them heavy metal
  3. Indoors I like nets to help separate branches and spread the plant out, outdoors prefer bamboo stakes. Personal opinion. Looking fat
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  4. I use 4ft bamboo cut in half. I place 4 of those 2ft bamboo equally around the edge of the container, then tie them all together with a velcro plant tie. Sort of like a teepee. I mainline my plants and there will be 4 splits where each of the bamboo stakes fit in. I don't usually need to tie any branches. Silica in veg helps.
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  5. Nice… my ladies have been known to rock out to some Iron Maiden too!:metal:
  6. Honestly, still haven't found anything that is ideal. Stakes are good but get cluttery with many plants and tend to sag over a bit. Pipe cleaners hanging from the top of the tent (used like a yoyo) work well but makes for massive clutter and forget every moving your plants. Nets are great and terrible at the same time. Even thinking about trying those round cages.
  7. [​IMG]
    Current outside winter run.

    Summers set. Same large tomato cages.

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  8. I like tomato cages for medium size plants. I need some taller ones though.
    I like the look of the square versions I’ve seen at hydro stores
  9. stakes . Zip ties .
  10. I use a lot of this stuff, I like the clipper right on the packaging :thumbsup:
  11. E582E9A2-D93B-4E62-A169-71629A080E1B.jpeg Oops… picture for ya
  12. Wow!! Nice grow. I prefer two teir scrogs. N a yoyo like device for stubborn branches..

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  13. 4 stakes per pot. Then run the green metal string shown above around the stakes from bottom to top. Do this around the time of flip so that the plants grow into it. Like a homemade tomato cage.
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  14. I prefer trellis netting, but when I grow indoor I'm running multiple (6 or more) large lights so stakes or strings wouldn't be practical.
  15. They sell metal Vs that can stick into the soil n pin a branch or 3 lol down

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  16. I had a whole plant completely flat open plant one year in FL wen I was doing outdoor right in my yard

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  17. I got mad respect for HID growers

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