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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by larsblackman, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Man, I don't know exactly where to post this, but here goes:
    This is the second night in the past week that I have seen a cop across the street from my house, and its getting me paranoid as fuck. I'm the first house at the start of my neighborhood and there is a small private school across the street from me, like the size of a warehouse or small church or something, I mean like really small. And there's sometimes loud ass cars hauling ass through the neighborhood, so he might just be trying to monitor the neighborhood or something. But, damn. Dude's got me scared to smoke.
    I have a grow tent in the garage and was just changing the water in the buckets. I opened the garage to go dump the old water and I see him sitting there in the parking lot with his lights off. I usually rinse the bucket out,but I nearly shit a brick and went inside and closed the garage door. I fucking hope they're not watching me.WHAT THE FUCK! I've only had one small harvest and I didn't sell any, I just moved to town, my electric bill isn't unusually high, I don't have people over. Just me and my girlfriend.

    Goddamn they're making me PARANOID!!!!!!
  2. That's shitty.
    You should have talked about steak.
  3. Hereyou go

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  4. Let me say this, if they were actually staked out, they would be in a civilian car (not an undercover car, not a normal cop car, but rather a typical car). Furthermore, if they were actually staking you out, YOU WOULD NOT SEE THEM. Though at the core they really are just dumb piggies, even cops are smart enough to know better than to be seen by the person they are investigating.

    Chances are the cop is there to monitor the building across the street (any problems with vandalism lately?) or to speed-trap your street.

    Don't flip out, keep your calm, and relax. Cops smell fear like blood in the water.
  5. Why not walk out there an strike up a conversation? It wouldn't hurt; he's probably paroling the school because alarms keep going off. I doubt he knows about your grow unless u heard a helicopter over your house at some point in time. If not, spark up n enjoy

  6. Sounds good
  7. wait one minute here cops are also good at smelling blood in water??? LMAO but yeah man you are probably tripping out he is probably watching the area. a cop usually posts by my corner house all the time and nothing has happened and i blow my bud smoke out the window while he is posted up across the street.
  8. Cops chillin in an area where cars haul ass near a school. Sounds like they are watching you for growing weed. NOT!
  9. im starting to worry a bit we havent heard from op or a minute, guess we are all wrong they were watching him after all.
  10. Doesn't sound like a very good stakeout...Fuck, man, back in my day they at least tried.:cool:
  11. yeah for reals now they are all obvious. like look at this camera the FBI thinks is discreet in my bathroom. and no it is not dubbed in there :rolleyes:

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