Stairway to heaven backwards..

Discussion in 'General' started by Noldster, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. that's some freaky out........Sid
  2. O_O Holy shit. That's freakish.
  3. Wow thats some crazy stuff there man
  4. i wonder of they truely ment it like that or its just us with to much time on our hands lol
  5. i've done this with my lp. backwards shit is the best. fuckin freaky, i showed my sister and she's all freaked too. i've spent an entire summer just looking through old beatles songs and ccr. so far i found a few but i forgot which songs they were on... one of them said "look at me i smoke with beatles (or it could've said peanuts)"

    heh after listening to that flash, i realize it's more fun to do it by hand especially at the satan parts.. slowly now class: SAAAATAAAAAN... lol... it's more rewarding that way
  6. either way thats some trippy shit man
  7. what the fuck, the "backwards" lyrics don't sound the same as the original lyrics should sound when played backwards...
  8. Thats bullshit, that is all
  9. its bullshit,pure,BS,excuse my languagee but i refuse to belive my favorite band is satanic.
  10. Maybe they arent satanic?

    "There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer"

    I found that line kinda confusing, and possibly disturbing. Perhaps Satan represents something, or someone else?

    Could be some deep ass shit in those lyrics backwards, not just satanic shit. Maybe some shit that was really bothering someone.

    suffering in a toolshed could be pretty traumatic depending on what was going on in there.

    Sweet site though
  11. Thats some fucked up shit, now it makes you wonder when you listen to songs if they are putting meesages in it, But the only thing i have to say is thats very diffucult to do, so if they did it on purpuse thats crazy and must have taken them a long time to get right enless thats you were to say those lyrics play them backwards and then picked words that sound similar to the ones you heard.

    "If theres a bustle in your hedgerow don't be alarmed now"
    That line makes no sense, i looked up bustle in the dictionary and the definition they gave me was

    (1) bustle \be-sel\ vb bustled; bustling : to move or work in a brisk busy manner

    (2) bustle n : briskly energetic activity

    (3) bustle n : a pad or frame worn to support the fullness at the back of a woman's skirt

    and the definition of hedgerow is:

    hedgerow \-ro\ n : a row of shrubs or trees bounding or separating fields

    So as you can see that line means absolutely nothing so maybe they choose those lyrics for the reason when you play it backwars you get that message.

    EDIT: After reading the lyrics for the song i can't find any meaning in the song if some one has some other anaylisis post it on here, furthermore In the song there is the lyric "'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings." Which leads me to believe thats a line hints to the song itself.
  12. "if there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, it's just a spring clean for the May queen"

    the May queen is a flower in Britain........the refrence to bustle could be that the hedge is starting to get very busy as the May queen is growing all over it, as it's spring..........

    hope that made sense, as i'm high as hell and i know what i mean......but maybe it's came across out..........Sid
  13. it's not bullshit, do it with an actual record for yourself. no they're not satanic i don't believe they are but it's a cool way to look at the song (the sentences i mean)

    and i just remembered. the song i was talking about ^ was revolution by the beatles. not revolution 1 or 9, just the faster version called revolution. at the part that goes: "and if you go carrying pictures of chairman mao, you ain't gonna go anywhere anyhow" (i forget the exact lyrics to the last part of that) but play it backwards and it sounds like lennon is saying "look at me i smoke with beatles"

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