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stairway ;p

Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Apr 15, 2004.


    holy shit lol, i was just sitting here with the glow of my monitor and robert plants voice backwards is some scray shit. something about "that toolshed where he made us suffer"
    line creeps me out.

    something about the image of a dilapidated old toolshed with blood smeared all over the place inside. and a large pentagon painted on the side with candles where human and goat sacrifices are made comes to mind. and thats some scary stuff.
    brings back memories of cabin fever ..BAD MOVIE! shouldt be able to make movies like that. yep fine only way to make a good "scray" movie is to have people vomiting blood in every other scence lol.

  2. here here
  3. <<< Also officially stoned :smoking:

    That Zeppelin thing is real creepy. But Cabin Fever, thats just nuts man. How crazy is that kid who sits on the swing outside that store? Screaming about pancakes and shit.
  4. holy **** thats creepy as **** DUDE ! Im SO stoned .. and that just really rubbed me the wrong way I couldnt even freaking finish it !

    Thanks for the link ... i think im about to send to EVERYONE I KNOW :p

  5. completely sober here, woke up not too long ago, i hear satan at the end of lines twoce followed by 666

  6. Yeah dude, there's a site that has like 20 of those songs with various lines said backwards.

    The fact is though, a lot of words that start with "th" like "the" and "there" will sound like the last part of "satan" backwards. All you really need is an S. Most of it is coincidence.

    Stairway to heaven though? Creepy man. That's a lot of coincidence if you ask me.
  7. that is some mad creepy i cant sleep:'(

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