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    Hey GC, so this is the rock bud x ak47 plant I posted about in sick plants a little bit ago. Anyway, she's doin awesome now, and is developing at an astonishing rate. This is my third year growing, and I have two rock bud x ak47 going, and two G13 x Northern lights (the rock bud is the one that's growing really fast, g13 is bein kinda slow). It's been 8 days (since sprout) and it's already developed a large second set of leaves, and is starting on the third. The fan leaves on the second set are also developing. It looks low to the ground, but that's because at 5 days it was already as tall as my middle finger, but with a thin stem. It developed a weak point where the stem meets dirt, so I transplanted it into a bigger pot (and buried the stem about halfway) and it's bene thriving ever since. Before the transplant (transplant was three days ago, five days after sprouting) it hardly even had second leaves, and now the second leaves are gettin big and the third set it comin out.

    I would have more pictures, but unfortunately I'm having huge uploading problems at the moment, and even my posts haven't been registering :S. Anyway, here it is.

    More pictures will be uploaded soon, along with my other plants. The other rock bud and the two g13 were just planted, and hardly even sprouted so not much to look at there yet.

    Input welcome/wanted

    Happy tokin


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  2. Im on my 2nd rb x ak grow, would have to say you will be happy with what you get especially when it comes close to harvest when she turns. purple, black and dark red, these will grow massive trees if you let it, i topped mine at 5th node and it still streched like mad, i am now in the 3 week of flower buds are starting to pickup in size. i have also tryed cloning my lady and the clone rooted in a matter a few days, Really Fast.

    Back right, the tallest one is rb x ak, i will try and get a pic of only them up later, but lights just went out so have to wait till they wake up again.

    4 kinds in there.

    1. Skunk #1
    2. Maple Leaf Indica
    3. Sweet Dreams
    4. Rock Bud x Ak- 47

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  3. Nice, looks like you have a very respectable operation going on there haha. And yeah, thanks for the reply, mine has been growing like a monster too. It's been around two weeks and it's already healthily developing it's fourth set of leaves. I'll post some more pics of my baby later today.
    Out of curiosity, how many weeks did you keep your rb/ak plant in vegetation? The site I got my seeds from claimed a 45 day flowering period, did your plants reflect this?

    Thanks for your help

    Happy Tokin

  4. Thanx yes i have done fairly good with this setup and its only a 250 hps, From the look of the seedling you have there we probably got them from the same place B C S E E D S, as for the flowering time i believe it was fairly close about 45-55 days, im on day 27 of 12/12 but i count days from the time i see buds starting so day 18 of flowering and they are doing nice i have 2 rb x ak in there one is taller than the other and alot darker.

    Cant wait to see how your go compared to what i have done with it, you will find its fall colors to be awsome shes a pretty one, and the smoke is decent too.

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